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Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 Fan Hub Controller: can I connect a PWM (4 Pin) fan to a 3 pin connector?

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electricblue73 8 months ago

I am building a pc with a Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 which has a fan/led hub controller (PCB Panel) at the back of the case. It has four 4-pin fan and four 3-pin fan headers. I am planning to use the 3 stock fans and add one 140mm PWM intake fan on the bottom, and one 140mm PWM exhaust fan at the top.

Since there is only four 4 pin headers available, can I plug the 4th PWM fan into the 3-pin and still be able to control the speed of this fan in BIOS/motherboard?

In the manual on page 10 it says that you can adjust the speed of all fans through motherboard.

I would like to adjust the PWM fan that will be plugged in the 3 pin header too, from the motherboard.

Or should I just connect the 4th fan directly to the motherboard 4 pin header? There are still sys fan 1/3/4/5/6 available.

I want to connect all the fans to the hub so I can manually and automatically regulate them via the slider switch above the 5.25 bay behind the front door.

Also, there is a power connector SATA cable connected to the hub controller, where does the other end suppose to connect to? Is this for an SSD drive that is located to the right of the controller? Or is this supposed to be connected to a SATA cable connector that is coming from the PSU?

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Jack_Heywood 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

1) You cannot connect a 4 pin fan to a 3 pin header.

2) The SATA cable on the hub plugs into a SATA csble on the PSU.