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SubNauticaWaterWorld47 12 months ago

I have a rx 480 Gaming X 8gb and I am looking to passively cool it. I am open to tearing down the card and wouldn't like to spend more than 80 USD. EDIT: I am fine with undervolting and even underclocking the card a bit. I have the Corsair 400c as my case.

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Root_User 1 point 12 months ago

Have you looked at the Arctic Accelero S3?

I still wouldn't recommend it though, since the 480 will probably start to hit a thermal bottleneck if you don't have at least some sort of fan circulating air in the case. (If you use a test bench instead of an enclosure, perhaps you could get away with ambient airflow.)

SubNauticaWaterWorld47 submitter 1 point 12 months ago

I saw it in this review but it got a peak temperature of 93C during a gaming load. I am looking at the raijintech MORPHEUS II CORE EDITION as it has double the TDP of the Artic Accelero S3.

Root_User 1 point 12 months ago

Hmm, it's not too clear if it will work with the RX480, in terms of physical compatibility.

Also, I don't see any max TDP recommendation for fanless use.

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