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DVI-D Dual Link Cable for Asus VG248

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DPRutledge 11 months ago

Hey guys!

So I believe there is a problem with the Display Port on my Monitor. I though it was GPU at first, but it turns out I can't even get a signal from the DisplayPort on my Motherboard and that was with a brand new DisplayPort Cable. So no more 144FPS for the time being. However, I know DVI-D Dual Link Cables can pop me back up there. The problem is, there are so many brands for Cables.

Is there a particular brand of DVI-D Dual Link Cable that has a better reputation or works more reliably?


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xbiker12 1 point 11 months ago

most mobos disable integrated graphics if you have a video card installed. so that might be why it didn't work when plugged into the mobo. Meaning, the DP cable might still be ok.

what parts do you have?