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manirelli's Build Guide: Modest AMD Gaming Build


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Comments (Continued)

BAH3103 2 points 4 months ago

There is no doubt that Cat5e cabling is the best option for connecting in the home for gaming and video streaming. However, unless you're a licensed cabler who can install network cabling safely (there are power cables in them walls too!), it's not an option (unless you can run under carpet etc.) Some solutions: 1) Stick to 2.4GHz as it is better at penetrating walls and stuff, (but this frequency is more crowded). 2) Buy a really good WiFi card with antennas, then use extension cables on the antennas to get them out of the clutter at the back of the PC. 3) Try a WiFi Range Extender. This will essentially re-transmit the router's existing WiFi SSIDs from a point closer to your pc. Choose a dual band one. 4) Try powerline network gear. You buy a pair of modules that plug into power points and they talk to each other over the ac power cabling. Plug one into a powerpoint near the router and the other near your pc. Then connect with Cat5e patch leads. Should be plug and play. The best option depends on your individual circumstances; no magic bullet, unfortunately. One last thing, the safety issue with doing your own wall/ceiling cabling is real. Life and death stuff. Don't do it without the training and qualifications.

Kupkake 2 points 4 months ago

The house is not ours, so wall cabling was already out of the picture. I was thinking of getting our ISP to send a team out here and install a new wall outlet for our router in my room, but that will require modifying the house and can get pricy. That option will be my last resort. I was looking into running a powerline so that I can also boost the signal to my Xbox as well, but I've been hearing mixed reviews. I think a PCI card is the next best step as I still have a final slot for it and it won't add any extra clutter to our house.