It has been three years since I first got my first PC, I made a couple changes over the past couple of years like replacing my old FX-6300 with an FX-8320e but then It died, so I replaced it with an FX-8350, but it wasn't enough for editing. My first build --->

I started getting into filmmaking and photography two years ago, and things are starting to get serious this year as a junior in high school, and I had been dying for an upgrade to a much better computer to edit on. As a 16-year-old who does freelance work and join film competitions; This upgrade has not been a spending spree but rather an investment for more years to come. I tend not to spend on things that are not necessary, but for this build, I wanted something fancier and a rendering beast that would last a while.

CPU: I was going for the 2nd gen 2700x but looking at the benchmarks, the 1800x and the 2700x are quite similar, the only difference was the overclocking capabilities also, I found an open box 1800x for $150 at Microcenter, so I got it instead of spending a whole new CPU that cost $279 for a 12-15% performance difference.

RAM: Honestly I wanted a ram with RGB to complete my RGB based build, but I figured it would have been expensive so yet again I saw an open box of G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 at Microcenter for a relatively good price, so I decided to pick it up. Nothing fancy, but it's fast which helps especially when it comes to the problematic Ryzen memory issue or whatever.

CPU COOLER: I found a refurbished Corsair H100i v2 70.7 CFM Liquid for $64 which was cheap for a liquid cooling solution and I wanted to squeeze more power out of my 1800x. I managed to overclock my 1800x at 4GHz with temps between 30-65 degrees Celsius. Pretty COOL BA-DUM-TSSSSS :P

MOBO: Honestly the mobo had me troubling the most... I originally got an Open box Asus ROG Strix X370 which was fancy as hell with more than 14 USB ports and so-on but, It began to smell like it was burning and eventually my whole PC died in just a couple of minutes after building it. So I had to return it the next day and decided to buy a NEW motherboard instead (Asus ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING ATX AM4), not as fancy as the X370 but at least it retains the RGB glowing logo and a decent overclocking capability. It was a chaos but I'm glad my friends helped me find the culprit as well as my dad for driving me back and forth to Microcenter at least 4 times.

GPU: I returned my Zotac 3GB 1060 for a good RX 580 8GB deal I found on Microcenter, at $207 plus the previous owner didn't redeem the free 3 games AMD gave out, I'd say I finessed tf out of MC LOL. The performance is marginal, I just got it because it looked better than my single fan Zotac, plus I wanted a red and black theme and this card suits well.

CASE: Gosh where can I start, last year I saw my friend's Inwin 303 case and it looked really good (futuristic and sleek asf) but It was too big, good thing INWIN made a smaller ATX Mid tower case and at $80, it was worth it in my opinion. The only problem was the limited cable management you can do, but my friend was able to clean it all nice and tidy for me.

EXTRAS: The rest of the parts, I got a few months back and honestly don't even know the price tag anymore, the RGB fans I found on Amazon, PSU was $50 I think but overall, I'm satisfied with what I have right now. HAHAHA feels good to have the most cores out of my friends.

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Which RGB fans did you get exactly?