This is a build I started because I moved from another country and I lost my previous PC which had an Athlon II X2 and a GT 430.

This feels like a 400% improvement over that one

(pictures coming soon when I get a non ****** camera)

I saved up 450$ over the course of 6 months to buy everything but the GPU since I wanted to have the computer even if it is to play some older games in Intel HD 530

This build is supposed to be a budget 1080p gaming build, and it might do very well (Wait hold on a minute why do I say might? Well the answer is quite simple, as I wrote this (12/16/2016) I haven't installed the OS due to some stuff that is going on)

I won't really review much until I can get it up and running but I'll talk about the building process and the shipping and all that for those interested to hear some random dude's story about their first build

The beginning

I began thinking about purchasing a new computer since I arrived to my new apartment. Mainly because I was often extremely bored and I needed the distraction that a PC could give me and has given me during a long time despite the fact that I had relatively old hardware

I did my research and I talked about it to my brother. At first I had an AMD build in mind (300$) using the A10 APU which seemed to could give me a satisfactory gaming experience in light titles. Then I went the intel/nvidia way due to better performance and it seemed like a better option due to the better upgradeability compared to AMD


One day I was really happy because I saw this little box under my bed with 450$ that I had saved over time.

I went on this website and checked my part list and began clicking on newegg links (Which by the way, is a really really good website). Then I did the purchases, I was both happy and sort of worried if anything was DOA at the time I began building.


Oh god, I give newegg and fedex so many points for this. I ordered everything on 4-7 day shipping since well, I can sort of wait. The next thing I know, my parts arrived on a Wednesday and I ordered on a Monday. Since there were different shipping times I got the rest of the build on a Thursday and I built it the same day I got it

Onto the fun part


This part was relatively easy I have to add, but I had some difficulties like the motherboard not receiving any power and some motherboard standoffs that were a bit off so well

When I saw my computer POST, i was full of joy, since I expected something to go wrong

Performance As of today (12/17/2016), I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and this build is great, even though I'm missing the GPU, I can play some games well enough, including world of warcraft

The CPU runs cool enough, but the HDD is too noisy for my taste

As of today (9/18/2017) It has been running amazingly, it's cool enough and I installed a GTX 1050 Ti which has been making me happy everyday. **** that HDD though

Part Reviews


Great processor for the money


Great motherboard for the price, nothing really much to say


I like the LEDs so much because my case is blue as well :D


At this price point, I can't ask for more

Power Supply

Great PSU, sleeved cables but taking off two stars because it's not modular, but for this price, it's great


Great monitor, big enough for my taste, It needs to include a DVI instead of vga


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Nice, I'm getting the same case and PSU. Any more details on their ease-of-use, or any problems with them during assembly and testing? Thanks!

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I've only had one problem and that was the PSU power cord which had to be pushed a bit for it to work properly, The case has enough space for proper cable management allthough I didn't really use it much, and you have zip ties that come with the case, so it's really nice

No other issues during assembly or testing

Great case for the price in my opinion :D

EDIT:Sorry for the late reply haha

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Perfectly fine, thanks for the extra info! Another question (Sorry, overly curious), do you think the case could last a while (10+ years, with good care of course)? And finally (I'll stop now :) ), are there any parts of the case that seem like they may break easily?

Thanks again!

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It will last a long time if you aren't throwing it around, the little window seems like it would scratch easily, as well as the side panel, everything else looks well made and resistant, I would trust it to last long but that's just my opinion.

Glad I could help, have fun building! (If you haven't done so already)

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Thanks, my parents ordered the parts for me for Christmas (and told me because they couldn't figure out how to order them :/), so I'll be building it Sunday (Christmas Day)

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How did it go dude?

Happy new year!