I am an Engineer and Machinist and wanted a Multi Core overclocked machine for analysis in FEA and CFD.

The analysis likes Multi Core, but Solidworks runs only single thread, so it needs high clock speed as well.

Most of the gaming parts work perfect and hey why not have fun with it by adding custom touches and lighting

The build was completed on a modified Thermaltake P3 with an EKWB Custom loop.

I custom designed the water junction block and CNC machined it out of clear acrylic. It not only redirects the coolant in a very compact way, but i used it to run the flow meter. I bought one from Bitspower I think and copied the machining from there block into my block, works perfect with their sensor.

The radiator has 3 EK puller fans in the case and 3 pusher fans in the front with lights or course.

The wires are all custom MOD-ONE built to my spec.

Lots of photos coming soon


  • 17 months ago
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Engineers unite! Looks great, my man.

  • 17 months ago
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Beautifully done!

  • 16 months ago
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Are you using this for cam? If so, which cam package are you using and how well does it?