This is my gaming/spend-most-of-my-time machine, and I'm very happy with it. Even without an SSD harddrive, my PC boots up very quickly (20 seconds to the log in, then about an additional 30 seconds for it to be fully ready). My CPU can handle anything I've thrown at it, and I don't think it's overclocked even once. The motherboard is great for a beginner like me, as it has convenient buttons for power and reset. The video card can run Far Cry 3 at near perfect graphics, so that should indicate how good the Radeon 7850 is. Oh, and this cooling tower is great. It's a little bulky, so carrying it can be annoying (which I don't mind, as I enjoy going to the gym anyway). However, with just the fan that was provided and the heat sink that came with the CPU, my tower always stays cool. I've never felt heat coming out of it (not even once, even playing Far Cry 3). And I love Windows 8. If you're not a Windows reactionary, you'll enjoy it too.

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  • 79 months ago
  • 2 points

Looks good! This will be my near exact build! I can't wait

  • 75 months ago
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I'm about to add a SSD to enhance my experience, but I'm still very satisfied with this computer. It's not quite as fast as it was in the beginning, but I figure the SSD will solve that problem.