This is my first build, made last year at Christmas. After running GTA V at lowest settings @ 35 FPS on some old Pre-Build, I decided I needed more power. So after many hours of research (mainly using this site), I gathered a list of parts a stuck them all on my Amazon wishlist, luckily, I managed to persuade my mom to buy them.

With the help of some YouTube tutorials and the manuals (obviously) I successfully placed together my PC.

During the build I encountered a couple of issues:

  • The H55 isn't specifically meant for LGA 1151, and the back mounting bracket is slightly bent on install. However it cools my CPU adequately.
  • The case is what I kinda regret, it's cheaply made and has little space for cable management (I wish I'd gone for the S340 and installed Windows via USB Flash Drive). The side panel doesn't actually leave space for an AiO, despite Corsair mentioned the H55 as compatible on their site, and the two screws that mount the rad protrude, preventing the panel from sliding back on. Two small cuts were made in the side panel so I could close the case.

Overall, I am very pleased with my build and love its performance. When I first loaded up GTA V, I was blown away (coming from Piledriver) by its sheer performance compared to what I usually experienced with my other PC (which is now missing its WD Blue, disk drive and OS).

I initially built with one stick of RAM, but later bought a second one (hence the two separate prices).

Part Reviews


Great CPU in general, awesome performance in gaming. A beast and I still haven't overclocked it.

CPU Cooler

Real nice cooler, keeps my 6600K at 40-45 C under load (gaming), shame it didn't fully support LGA 1151 like Corsair's site said.


Nice to work with, easy and appealing UEFI BIOS. Glad I went with the Z chipset. The black and white theme is a nice touch.


Good, solid stick of RAM, I even bought a second one.


Has survived through multiple builds, not as fast as an SSD, but great for the value.

Video Card

Muuuuch better than my old R7 250 2GB, really like how the ASUS logo lights up, has no idea that it did 'til is started it up.

Deducting a star since the single fan still doesn't keep it cool enough (or at least to my liking), with my 1060 hitting 70C while gaming.


Great aesthetics, but poor quality. Comes with 2 120mm white LED fans and one 120mm standard fan. Makes my components look great and had enough room to house my components.

Unfortunately, despite Corsair claiming the SPEC-03 to be compatible with its own H55, the two screws that mount the rad protrude out, preventing the panel from sliding back on. Two small cuts had to be made in the side panel so I could close the case.

Doesn't have great cable management

Power Supply

Nice, cheap PSU. Semi-modular, to allow for less clutter and therefore increased airflow.

However, it makes loud noises, and I think the fan rubs on something. The kettle socket seems insecure.

Optical Drive

Cheap ODD, works.

Operating System

Best available OS out there.


  • 30 months ago
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I really like these style builds, they look so nice, good specs! +1

  • 30 months ago
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Thanks, I appreciate it!

  • 30 months ago
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How'd you do this for free... jk lol

  • 30 months ago
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Found a couple of good deals, but mainly had to rob a bunch of PC hardware stores xD.

Total cost: £880.69

  • 30 months ago
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Im dying

  • 30 months ago
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+1 Solid Build

  • 26 months ago
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Would look very nice if the case was different....

Anyhow I love the theme!

  • 25 months ago
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Yeah, I'm hoping to get a new one. Currently looking at the H440. Also gonna throw in an SSD at the same time.