This PC is used exclusively for architectural softwares. I do not play games therefore I do not care if my monitor is not up to date with the latest sync technology. This was assembled a year ago but I didn't have some free time to post. After a year, the system still runs smoothly.

Part Reviews


Definitely gets hot when running on higher clocks.

CPU Cooler

So far so good, it can go head to head with the heat of the deca-core processor. The fans are however loud when on full speed. Software was simple and efficient however, there was an instance it had a glitch and caused the fans to spin at 100%


Beautiful mobo!! Only thing I do not like is it's form factor. Being an eatx board, case options are limited. Another issue is the lack of built in usb 2.0 header. The softwares for this mobo are kind of buggy after the spectre issue; something an update would fix.

Power Supply

Very stable and rarely needs to spin its fan.

Case Fan

A nice quality for for lower profile applications. I used this in the rear part of the case so as to not cover the OLED display of my mobo

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