To commemorate the red team's 2019 launches of 3rd Generation Ryzen and Navi, I upgraded one of my favorite builds with, among other things, a new CPU and video card. Although this is not my first all AMD build, it certainly is the most powerful yet. The upgrade was not as traumatic as version 1. This is mostly because I replaced the old Dark Rock 4 with a slightly smaller but more capable CPU cooler.

Behold! I present to you "In it to Inwin it v. 2.0 (Team Red Edition)"

From reading and watching quite a few reviews, there's not much to gain from overclocking the 3600x so I'm not going to bother. Plus, I avoid adding unnecessary heat. Under normal use, the Dark Rock 4 was doing alright but it couldn't keep the CPU under 85 with a load from Prime95. I know that's not a realistic load but that would just nag at me and keep me up at night. I have issues. So the cooler got an upgrade as well. With a shiny new cooler I might as well get some illumination on those RAM sticks right...

Part Reviews


I love this thing. The non-x version is really the best bang for buck I think but I went with the 3600x so I didn't have to mess with overclocking. Maybe I'm getting lazy in my old age. Anyhow, the speed improvement is perceptible coming from a 1600x. Don't take my word for it. Just look at all the benchmarks. If you're looking to upgrade but also don't want to splurge, I say the 3600 would probably be better. I don't think the x is giving you $50 worth of performance over the 3600.

CPU Cooler

The hype is real. There are 7! Count 'em 7 heat pipes. I only have one of the 2 fans installed but this blew my Dark Rock 4 out of the water. I would give this only 4 and 1/2 stars because it costs an arm and a leg but if you have to squeeze NH-D15 performance into a small form factor case, this is one way to do it.


My favorite of the ITX B450 motherboards. It's not flashy so no RGB but I don't like how most of these boards implement RGB lighting anyway. It's all business and the price is reasonable. The bios update that supports 3rd Gen Ryzen worked without a hitch. (Updated 8/26/19: I had originally encountered boot issues using an Asrock B450 Fatal1ty ITX motherboard. I had guessed the issue was with the motherboard but after further troubleshooting, I was able to isolate the issue with the old M.2 NVMe SSD. I opted to use the 970 Evo Plus as described below in the final build.)


Trident Z didn't cooperate with me when I first tried a set on a B350 motherboard but G.Skill has been reliable ever since. The RGB implementation on this particular model looks great and the software isn't a pain in the butt to use.


My friend recommended the 970 to me. Its a bit pricey but it is fast.


Reasonably priced and hasn't given me any headaches. What else can I ask from an SSD.


I haven't lost any data yet. Even after multiple transplants from one build to another, this drive has held up to the abuse.

Video Card

Finally! I knew they could make a decent card that handle 1440 with high frame rates and not melt my computer or cost over $500.


I do like the looks of this case very much. I like that it can take even long video cards. I like that it can take a CPU cooler as tall as a Dark Rock 4 (It takes some doing but it'll fit). I just wish they sold a version that didn't come with a power supply.


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Major props for squeezing a Noctua into an Inwin ITX case!

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Thanks! The A1 has really good clearance. Not a lot of room to work with but it'll fit.

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Great build, esky. I'm thinking of doing a new build in an InWin A1 myself so this is great to see. Question for you: what issues did you have sticking the Ryzen 5 3600X into the AsRock? Because my current plan when I upgrade was in fact to slot a Ryzen 5 3600 into an AsRock Fatal1ty B350 miniITX board. Am I to gather from your shade at AsRock that this is in fact not a good upgrade plan? Also, how portable is the A1? Does it fit inside a standard size gym duffel bag for travel?

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Thank you so much Bronstet! First, let me say that since I didn't troubleshoot down to the exact cause of my issue, I can't definitively say it was AsRock's fault. Here is the story. So I went to AsRock's website and downloaded the bios updates (my board is the Fatal1ty B450 mITX version) . They had some warnings to do the updates in a particular order so I followed them all very carefully since I didn't want to brick my system. I actually did get the system to post and boot into windows but it only did so after several reboot attempts. I'm pretty sure it is a boot manager issue but I was too tired to troubleshoot further. Luckily, I still had this MSI board available and I already had success updating another (same model) MSI board to run with a 3700X flawlessly. So I just swapped out. I would just do more research to see if others are having issues with the exact model that you are going to use just to be safe. Forums are our friends. I found a small number of similar issues to mine during my research for my board but the boot gods weren't on my side that day.

As for portability, you could totally fit this in a gym bag. I love how small it is. Even with the frustrations of building with so little room, the payoff is a gorgeous little beast. There's glass so be careful.

Thank you again for checking out my build and good luck with your's! I'm sure you'll do better than my dumb self.

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How are the thermals on the GPU? Been thinking of doing a similar build and deciding between reference and custom cards.

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As with most blower style cards, these get really hot and loud. I undervolt the card to keep it cooler and quieter but still not as good as the custom cards. The only good thing about this is that it puts the heart outside the case so the CPU cooler isn’t affected. If you don’t need it to do that you would be better off with a custom card. They are plentiful now and way better.

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So my advice is to upgrade to the Pulse OC edition and you will have some great temps and a much longer life span!