So about 6 months since I did my initial build which you can find here.


a few things that have changed since the start.

     -new safer 750w Corsair Rmx power supply, which replaced my 15 dollar evga 600w Bronze
     -Upgraded from a gtx 660 2gb to a gtx 1070 8gb (quadruple the performance right?)  
     -new intake fans, corsair ML120. 
     -new keyboard mouse (g610 brown/g403 wireless) great combo. 
     - wireless adapter/xbox one controller 
     - a great overclock on the 6600k to 4.5 gHz at 1.28 volts adaptive.

Performance in game (all games run on a standard 1 tb 7200 rpm HDD so loading times may affect fps)

     -overwatch on ultra settings 1080p is netting me well over 144 fps.
     - Doom is running vulkan max at well over 144 fps without any dips. 
     - witcher 3 max settings, with texture mods is running over 60 fps no problem
     - Destiny 2 is running well at preset high/ultra settings with a 120-144 fps.
     - Dirt Rally is nice and smooth at max/144fps.
     - Rise of the Tomb Raider runs at high/max with 120-144 fps. 
     - Don't own crysis, dont ask lol.

       if there are any other games you want to know about just comment below.


        now i know that a lot of people give the phantek p400s TG the typical 2017 blame of front panel fan killing. While ill admit it suffers somewhat from the front panel of death, the corsair ML's do a great job of quietly bringing in plenty of air. i found that the the temps with the front panel on under load with Aida 64 were never significantly higher than the temps with the front panel off.

        Front panel on; (temps in Celsius) 
        CPU:                     MAX: 48           AVG: 46.4
        CPU core #1:        MAX: 62           AVG: 54.6

        Front panel off; (temps in Celsius) 
        CPU:                     MAX: 49           AVG: 43.5
        CPU core #1:        MAX: 60           AVG: 51.9

       *all fan speeds were set in bios under turbo settings.*

on a side note I had an issue with my computer going to sleep when i first built it in june and it turns out that the issue was the gtx 660. No issues since. Special thanks to the pcpartpicker community for helping when i first began overclocking. you guys are great!

Part Reviews


1.28 v for a 4.5 ghz overclock was easy as pie.

CPU Cooler

keeps an overclocked 6600k well under my worry threshold.


great for overclocking, just dont use the preset options.


it's ram, wouldnt buy it again unless i got it for the deal i did a few months ago.


works fast, may not be a 960 pro nvme, but i cant say id be able to tell.

Video Card

coming from a gtx 660 i cant believe how quiet/cool it stays. then again im coming from a 660. Should have been cheaper but hey crytpocurrency.


clean in appearance, but that front panel should have mesh at the angles, i may cut my own in.

Case Fan

get these if you have a s340 or p400


once you go 144hz you never go back.


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Cool Build Dude. Enjoy your upgrade. Lots of improved gaming for you ahead.

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Nice build, love the aesthetic. +1 my man.