Yep, my build.

I use this for uni work (hence the 2 monitors) and gaming. Runs Windows 10 Home & recently I've had very few problems with it. There are some things I would have changed like getting a cheaper/ less wattage PSU, better/ cheaper RAM & maybe a FX 8350 rather than a FX 6350 but then again it was my 1st build.

I already had an OS, optical drive and 1TB hard drive from my previous computer (Acer Aspire XC-605) so I used them, managed to save a couple £hundred that way. Runs Shadow of Mordor 1080p on high, Skyrim on ultra & Far Cry 3 on very high/ ultra & hopefully I will know soon how it handles Dark Souls 3!

My monitors are Benq, one 19" I got with my original desktop and a 24" 1080p, both 60 hz. Nothing special.

I have tidied up the guts recently; moved the GPU up to the top PCI slot because that one it x16 & all the other ones are x8. Something that's not specified with the Motherboard information...

A couple other changes, I have stopped using the Cooler Master CM Storm Devastator bundle. A couple of the keys stopped responding on both the keyboard and mouse after about 9 months, I would not recommend this bundle. Now reppin' a Logitech k120 with some 'professional' mouse from Maplin (they offer student discounts so it was only about £25).

That's about it for my build, I will be happy to answer any questions about it, I play mainly RPG's so I don't really know how it handles online fast pace FPS/ MMO games. All in all, at the time of buying it, it came to around £425 for the PC + an extra £113 for the monitor :)

EDIT: My R9 270X died on me after about 2 years of use; the card ran okay for most of its life apart from several BSOD. Decided to get a RX 470 4GB STRIX from Maplin, I get student discount so I got the card for about £180 (December 2016) so a good price I think.

For the future, I'm going to upgrade to the FX 8350 when I have the funds; it seems from what I've read that multi core CPU's will directly benefit of DX12 stuff, so more the merrier & I'h hoping Zen will push down it's price a bit.

Part Reviews


Does what is says on the tin, got it for about £90. Wouldn't recommend getting it if it's much more than that, it was the best value for money at the time.

CPU Cooler

Quieter than the stock cooler, it works though there's a tinny hum it's producing after a while. Nothing wrong with it, just think I might have knocked the fan when cleaning it. Looks pretty nice with my build as well & keeps things cool lol.


I'm not an over-clocker so I don't know how this board runs for that. It works well & for the price at the time (about £50) it was fantastic! It only has one x 16 PCI-E slot though unlike what's advertised. That doesn't bother me though as I only have one graphics card.


RAM is RAM. It works.

I wouldn't pay the price for it now as you can get significantly cheaper & faster RAM for the price though this one works well. This was a mistake with my build that I wish I changed; should have spent less on RAM & more on other things!

EDIT: Works really well; cannot recommend this enough!


I got it for free with my old desktop. It's a HDD that just works, even after nearly 3 years it's still pretty snappy & I've had next to no problems with it.

Video Card

I'll update this review when I've used it for a bit longer.

This card is a boss; quiet, settings are easily customizable and it can run anything 1080p high with no trouble what so ever. I got it for about £180 (December 2016) at Maplin with student discount so I think I got a good deal. Not the cheapest 470's but I think the added performance/ quietness at idol makes up for it with the STRIX cards.


The aesthetic is rather pleasing.

It's a great case for the money but I got it for about $50... 2 USB 3.0 ports on the front which means it's pretty much future-proofed. It's a sturdy case as well; I've had many round trips from University and home (about 100 mile round trip) and even with a couple knocks & some bumpy roads, it's managed to keep my components safe. The tool-less 3.5" hard drive bays are fantastic & easy to use, they have managed to keep my hard drive nice & secure.

I will most likely be using this case for my next build, though I will be buying a windowed side panel. I really like this case & it's by far one of the best things about my build.

Power Supply

It works fine & is good vale for money if you need that amount of wattage. I however, didn't. It's another part of my build I wish I changed; I should have gone for a lower wattage PSU at a lower cost... But I suppose it future proofs the build & I have headroom for expanding/ changing my hardware in the future.

It was £1 more than the 500W version so I thought I might as well get it. It is a bit overkill.

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  • 60 months ago
  • 2 points

Should of got the 8320 for the extra 10-15 pounds, however is a decent build.

  • 60 months ago
  • 1 point

Cheers! I was on a bit of a budget so I was trying to cut costs where ever I could, if I had the money I would have gone for a better CPU. Still, works find for what I play.

I'll have to wait till the Steam summer sale to see how it can handle newer games... :)

  • 60 months ago
  • 1 point

Woah, you could of bought just as good memory for a cheaper price, with the same CAS Latency.

  • 60 months ago
  • 2 points

How much cheaper? I was recommended it by a friend who does computer science so I just went by what he said lol :P

First build & all, still a bit of a novice

  • 60 months ago
  • 1 point

It may be better, but there really isn't any difference between 8GB of memory for 50 pound as their is 60 pound, as you said you were trying to cut back costs as much as possible lol.

  • 60 months ago
  • 1 point

Aye well what's done is done. To be fair, I've seen far far worse first builds than this... Saving +/- £10 on RAM/ CPU I ain't too bothered about, it works and does what I want it to do.

  • 62 months ago
  • 1 point

How do you think this would run in 25-man raids in WoW?

  • 62 months ago
  • 1 point

I dunno mate, not really the kinda thing I play sorry... :P

Plays pretty much everything I own on ultra (Skyrim, Dark Souls, Bioshock trilogy etc)with no problems. Sorry I can't be much more help than that haha!

  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

Cable management...