Hi everybody,

This build, like so many others here was my first one, and at the end of it, I'm very pleased with what I've done, and can't wait to waste even more of my money!

Ever since around this time last year, I've been wanting to build a PC. My parts list went through many changes, brand allegiances, and dreams of creating a good-looking PC that would stand out from the crowd as much as my budget would allow.

Although the actual build itself was fairly smooth I did have a few issues. According to NZXT, the S340 has "captive thumbscrews". I was too eager and managed to pull one out, but it went back in eventually. I also had to unscrew both of the fans that came with the case (top and back exhaust) to plug in the EPS cable to the cpu.

Thermaltake provides these "Low Noise Cables" with the Riing fans. I thought they were just extentions and put two of them together to plug one of the Riing fans in. Turns out they restrict electricity flow, and it took me ages to figure out why the ring around it was so dim, or why the fan wasn't spinning.

The Antec EDGE comes with vibration reducing rubber rings to put around the outside of the PSU. I forgot about this, and so I had to take the PSU out again to put them on.

The other problem I had was my own stupidity. I thought that "I know, I'll put my wireless card in the bottom PCIe slot, and then it'll look neater when I eventually get a graphics card!". Which didn't quite work. Coz PCIe priority.

Future upgrades are: firstly a gpu, most likely the one on my parts list (GTX 1050 ti G1 Gaming), then a mech keyboard (also in the parts list) then a 144hz monitor (possibly with g-sync), then a new case, cpu, motherboard, ram, gpu, and cpu cooler, then a hard tubing custom water cooling loop... It never ends :)

Credits out to my little brother for taking most of the photos. I would be very happy to pass on any tips.

An explanation of some of the pictures: number 7 is looking down the top of the front intake at the fans through the filter, and number 8 is looking at the blue glow from the front fans through the top exhaust fan.

On to the part selections and reviews:

Part Reviews


Fast enough for what I need it for. The iGPU runs CSGO at 60fps at 720p medium settings, which is enough for me. Copying files is no drag.

CPU Cooler

Not a bad little cooler. Not the best looking, but seems to have solid performance. There was a stage where the instructions weren't very clear, and had to refer to the bloke in the sky that knows all (and then wait 10 minutes for a 5 minute video to load - @aussieinternet). Only other problem I might have later is that the fan overhangs the first RAM slot, and not quite high enough to go over the top of any future stick I put in there.


Great little board. Not many features in the bios, but whatever. It wasn't designed for that. The LEDs behind the board are kinda cool. Wish the white highlights showed up more.


It's ram, it does the job. Not bad looking either. For whatever reason, one stick's breathing cycle is slightly shorter than the other one which looks a bit funny but I won't take a star off for that.


Got this free from my grandpa coz he needed more space. Not the fastest ssd out there, but it's still faster than a hdd.


Pulled out of a prebuilt machine. Does it's job.


Great case, clean lines, nice window, like the mounting place for the ssds,plenty of tie down points and of course the cable management bar. Works fine for the hardware I have in it at the moment, but if I was going to water cool, I would get a different case, as radiator support is extremely limited by the placement of that gorgeous cable management bar.

Power Supply

Plenty of wattage, black cables, 80+ gold certification, fully modular, no problems. Also has these rubber rings that go either end to decrease vibration sound.


It's got nice pretty little lights, plenty of programmable buttons, good shape for my hands and easy to use software. Cool feature being able to customise the weight in 3.6g increments (not sure how many people will use this - I just chucked them all in and promptly forgot about them).


Very comfortable, good sound quality. USB sound card is useful, with 7.1 surround, headset volume and mic volume, along with mic mute. Only problem is that it gets a bit hot after about 30 mins, but I usually don't notice it because i'm gaming ;)

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