This was once the base of my fist upgrade from my first semi-self-built system.


I had an Acer M7720 case and motherboard with an Intel Core i7 920. I got it very cheap in 2010 and put in a FSP PSU to power a fiery NVIDIA GTX 470 with blower-styled cooler and random Samsung 1066MHz 6GB DDR3 Ram. Both, the GTX 470 and 920, were so hot by itself... I guess I don't need to continue on that. That was back in early 2010.

I then decided to upgrade to ATX (the Acer M7720 is mATX), so I bought a Cooler Master CM Storm, a ASUS Sabertooth X58 (new for 120€), another blower-styled GTX 470 and 580 Watt be quiet! Straight Power E8 CM to power both NVIDIA cards. That change came in early 2011.

Later I had to bend the HDD cage to fit my last upgrade into it, a GTX 770 Phantom by Gainward. That one I got for 375€ brand new at release in early 2013.

Now I ran the system up untill late 2013. I know, my upgrade path was pretty rapid, but as a young student I had money left from my jobs and was very interested in PC building. So Haswell came out and I was really tempted to build a new system. My base wasnt that bad, but my 920 showed some bottleneck with editing videos and other stuff and also ran hot as hell, not even overclocked. Back then I also had no clue that the board I got was actually top notch regarding OC and XEON compatibility.

I was too excited for the i7 4770K and a switch back to mATX that I sold the Cooler Master system with the X58 board, 920 and one 470 with the old PSU. The second 470 was sold for almost the same money I got it for. Now I had a nice budget to get a Haswell base and a brand new 275€ i7 4770K to pair with the GTX 770. That happened in late 2013.

The 580W PSU was sold to my father, same with my GTX 770 when I got my 980ti and a 600W PSU for my current system.


I sold the system to a personal friend, so i always knew how and if it even ran. So now back to 2018 I told my friend, hey I want my old system back to build up a second system. He was like, yes, ok, I need a computer tho. Me was like, meh, I'll get you another. Since you became father you need some more space and a more eco friendly system, that thing sucks a lot. He laughed with me and said he would go for it.

That was the time when I was looking for a replacement, also it should be affordable. So I got a Dell Optiplex SSF with an Intel Core i5 3450, 8GB RAM, and a 120GB SSD paired with his/my old HDD. I also found a very cheap GTX 1030, so the build cost me around 160€. I gave it to him, put all his data on the new system and made his little family happy.

But I guess I was even more thrilled to have my ancient system back. The base was already 8 years old. I knew I wont build up a workstation with the exact same confiq, so before buying it back I had a chance to buy another system for 60€ that I didnt want to lose on. A PC with a case from a local german computer system builder named Turtle Silentium/Grey Computer. In there was an AMD Phenom X4 840, 16GB DDR3 RAM, a GTX 750ti from ASUS and some other random stuff. The PSU was a be quiet! System Power, but that went into another 775 build of mine.

Even the GTX 750ti would have been as much as the whole system, by all means a good deal for the time. And my luck didn't end, I put in a cheap 80GB SATA HDD, a low end PSU, removed the RAM, put a single low profile DDR3 4GB stick in, grabed my NVIDIA 9500GT i got for free a few years back and put everything into a cheap *** case I got for 10€ with an awesome P45 775 motherboard i'm using now in another 775 build. That office heater would even have a IDE DVD drive.

You read that far, now have a guess...

I sold the unbelievably cheap system for 55€ and was left with an 750ti, lots of RAM, a nice ATX Case, a quiet DVD Drive and a be quiet! PSU. I put some RAM into the friends system, sold the 920 and gave the case away for free. It was time to build the actual thing.


I ordered 3 HDD hot swap front bays and got my hands on some 24GB of DDR3 Corsair Vengeance RAM for around 75€. That much RAM from that company at the time the current price of DDR3 and DDR4 has one of its highest highs in history, even on the used marked, this was pretty ok. All that was left was to buy a huge *** cooler to keep the crazy cheap X5650 cool and super silent. The Thermalight Macho was a good investment and does its job, it even fits to the motherboard heatsinks, same goes to the 750ti with its golden accent. Really... that wasn't intentional. The SSD was from my server, there I "downgraded" to a 120GB 840 Pro. To my own surprise, I had another 580 Watt be quiet! Straight Power E8 CM in my inventory. But I didn't know where it was coming from. Maybe I got it with the 840 Pro that both I got for free. I seriously dont know anymore, but I spent no money on them. Putting Windows 7 on this thing would be the only option for me since I dont want to get annoyed as much as on my main gaming rig. But I guess I have to submit or either change to Linux or **** the system and switch to Hackintosh. Let's see.

Overclocking this beast was a pleasure, with the only hick ups beeing at 200 BCLK and x22 multi. Everything works fine, but Creative Cloud apps. They wont even start up. Games and other tasks are fine without BSODs. To fix that i went down to a x20 multi, which was the one step lower setting. Fine from then on and for the future.


Putting all together made the finished system that still works fine after so many years and i hope it will run some more years to help me do my work and go with me through my studies. I really like the system and it is silky smooth. Hot swapping HDDs for big and fast data transfers, a low budget but totally fine working cuda GPU, a 12 threaded CPU and much RAM do their job.

Im kind of proud to also be part of the X58 hype, that i was since its release of 1366.

Thanks for reading

Here is my CPU-Z Validation:

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Upvoted for using a Xeon

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That's what every x58 owner should do, IMHO.

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I agree.