My first build, I wanted to try to create a blackout themed gaming/streaming rig. The parts I chose took a lot of thinking about, but here is my description:

CPU: I wanted an 8 core, unlocked CPU because of possibly wanting to OC in the future, also the thing is a TANK

COOLER: Personally, I wanted something quiet yet efficient, and I just think water coolers look cooler than air coolers in general.

MOBO: I kinda just picked a mobo tbh but it is actually pretty cool (if you can figure aorus RGB software). Not much OCing capabilities but it still can.

RAM: I had a necessity for 32gb, but I didn't have the exact budget I would want for 32gb so I chose this RAM, but I plan to OC so it isn't too slow for the 2700x.

STORAGE: I have had these drive for quite some time, and I decided that I'll just repurpose them.

GPU: 1080p144hz Tank. Enough said. (also has aorus RGB-software sucks though).

CASE: H500i is slick and has nice RGB, also easy to build in.

PSU: I don't know much about PSU's but this one is good enough for my build I guess, and it fit my budget well with room for upgrades.

MONITORS: Just repurposed from my old setup. Also I have to say, the G24C was hell of a deal, 180$ for 144hz 1ms.

Part Reviews


This CPU is honestly perfect for anybody with a budget between like 900$ and 1500$. Overclocks smoothly, has a very high core/thread count, and it stays at low temps. Love it and cannot wait for zen 2!

CPU Cooler

This AIO is amazing! It's quiet and it looks sick. Only thing was the manual was pretty hard to understand.


Best B450 MOBO for mild overclocking at this price point. Only thing is remember to download the app for it on your PC if you are going to use ultra fast boot.


This RAM is solid for 2x16gb at this price point. The only concern is the speed, I wish I got at least 3000mhz, but I'm going to overclock soon.


Best 240gb sata SSD for under 50$.


I had this HDD from a while ago, and I don't remember how much I spent on it, but it is pretty quiet and does the job. It is pretty slow, however.

Video Card

This card is a monster. It is decently affordable, quiet, and blingy.


I love the RGB on this case. Software is great, so is the cable management. Only bad part are the case fans, they are WAY too loud for the price of this case.

Power Supply

Quiet, efficient, modular, and nice-looking. This PSU is so nice!


The refresh rate and f-sync work so well, even with an RTX 2070.

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Hey. I'm in the market for that PSU. Is it working fine till date? Any problems?