Have been trying to build a quiet good looking PC and I think I finally have gotten to it. Primary use is gaming with some non intensive software development (web apps and such).

This thing is dead silent on idle and under load I've got some fan curves set, along with silent wings 3 fans, to where it's actually pretty hard to tell it's even on from about 10 feet away and reasonably quiet close by. PSU is also of enough capacity that its fan should never turn on. This low noise level is much appreciated because of my open back headphones and substantially better then my old mini itx systems.

I'll say Asus' RGB features are pretty cool. You can build an otherwise sleek and simple looking system that can be colored in fun ways.

Beyond that I've gone for simplicity. This is the reason behind the m.2 nvme ssds, no cables and clutter needed for storage as it's all on the board. This is also the reason behind this case. It's full size atx to be able to showoff the build and keep it cool while very quiet, but still a very compact case with a simple minimalist exterior styling.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Terrible mounting hardware. Encroaches on the ram slots.

Besides that though nothing but positives so far. Keeps things cool and very quiet. In addition to me this may be the best looking air cooler out there.


Lots of power, bass boost, and soundstage widening. Great for the basshead in me.


Great dac. Allows PC through usb and PS4 through optical and an easy switch to input into my amp.


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+1 for the Star Trek poster and that Ultrawide oooweeee!

Like the uncluttered setup... if only our daily lives could be so clean, amirite?

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1+! Awesome build!!! i love it!!!

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