1st Build! Hooray! Very happy with testing/gaming so far! This is a 1080p gaming rig for my nephews, a great excuse to give building a shot. I've been a Mac guy forever (maxed-out everything: 2009 G4, 2012 MacBook Pro, 2013 Mac Pro), building a PC is sooooo niiiiice...

Some benchmarks:

Cinebench (rel. 20) - 3464 pts.

3DMark: Time Spy (V1.0) - 4,646 score.

PCMark 10 - 6,085 score (better than 86% of all other results as of 1/27/20). I'm attributing this high score in PCMark mostly to the fast Samsung 970 Evo Plus as the boot disc; this benchmark is all about app start-up, video conferencing, web browsing, spreadsheets, writing, photo editing, etc.

VRMark: Orange Room (V1.0) - 7,428 score (better than 57% of all other results as of 1/27/20). Considered by this benchmark as "super," although the graphics driver was not approved. Average frame rate 161.92 fps, target frame rate 109.00 fps, Oculus Rift minimum spec frame rate 81.00 fps. For example, their "high-end PC" got a score of 9701, and their "premium high-end PC" got a score of 10,390.

I left this rig purposefully upgradeable to get the boys into building someday.

For example:

-- Two open RAM slots in case they want to easily pop two more in.

-- The main sacrifice: The GPU is a teaching tool so we can watch fps, load percentage, and temperatures on their favorite games. It's honestly where I decided to save the most money. It's fine at the moment for 1080p gaming. If we want to move on up in a year or two, no worries. For the 3DMark benchmark with Time Spy, the graphics results were very low (4,646 score and didn't crack 30 fps), and the driver was not approved anyway for this benchmark. So, we're already on to something...

-- The Ryzen 5 should be future-proof enough (for casual gaming) to not worry about it for several years. It's actually performing better than expected at the moment.

-- I got one of the least expensive monitors I could find for 1080p gaming at 144Hz (they can upgrade someday if they need 1440p gaming). One nephew is pushing Fortnite & League of Legends to "epic" settings with apparently unlimited fps in the game engine! So I guess we're good on a monitor/gaming rig for now!

-- Plenty of long term hard drive expansion space.

***Impressions of note - The Ryzen 5 in this config leaves nothing to be desired for now. It hammers impressively without remotely breaking a sweat; but so easy to hop up to a 7 or 9. I don't know a ton about differences in X570 motherboards, but this one has married all the pieces of kit I wanted (at my decided budget) solidly and attractively, and I wanted the Wifi option in case an Ethernet cable isn't convenient wherever the rig goes. The Samsung 970 Evo Plus for a boot disc is SAVAGE and awesome. The 2TB IronWolf for long term game storage is just fine. Maybe when we upgrade the CPU I'll make sure the bracket reads the NZXT logo as level.

Part Reviews


Loving this CPU! It's practically sleeping through running a 1080p gaming rig. Super psyched about the CPU offerings from AMD. Great time to be watching team red and where they go next! No need to go overboard (really think about your computing needs), their price for performance is incredible right now!

CPU Cooler

So attractive with its infinity mirror effect, and cools wonderfully. Keeps a Ryzen 5 3600 nice and chilled out!


Fantastic board while getting into the M.2 revolution! The user experience is seamless and snappy. Love the high-def audio capabilities; great clarity on some Sony MDR-7506 headphones, and a brief test hookup to some Behringer Truth series active monitors. Nice to have a Wifi option if the case ends up in a spot where an Ethernet cable can't easily make it to.


Plenty quick and looks awesome bedded in the motherboard! No complaints on speed or performance & the RGB is super fun.


Absolutely SAVAGE as a boot disc on a gaming PC. The fabled read/write speeds are real!!! Nice to finally be in the future!!! The Samsung Magician SSD management utility is super easy to download, use, update firmware, analyze all connected drives, and benchmark those ridiculous read/write speeds for yourself. Nicely keeps a log of your benchmarks too. Hilarious to see benchmark results for the 970 Evo Plus (3509 MB/s read, 3267 MB/s write) vs. the 7200rpm long-term storage HDD (184 MB/s read, 184 MB/s write). Space odyssey vs. the stone ages!

Video Card

Doing wonderfully in a 1080p gaming rig. Maxed out settings on all of our games and this guy is humming along, I've never seen it break a 50% load. It's normally pushing far below that. Not being used for video editing/rendering (or equivalent intensive loads), so I can't attest to pushing it like that. But for now, for its intended gaming purpose, and for driving a 1080p/144hz monitor, it's a champ!


Attractive tower! Very nice. Lost one star because cable management was tough with limited space in the back. I can't seem to get the cables nestled happily enough to not bow-out the back metal cover.

Power Supply

So much power and never a peep! Silently and confidently drives my rig. No complaints.

Case Fan

Beautiful and capable! I even leave the NZXT fan/cooler controlling software on the "performance" profile. (I use these to compliment the NZXT Kraken X62 AIO.) I don't mind some fan noise as long as I know it's protecting my investment. Still, it's not a lot of noise and it's on the desk right next to me. If it ever does bother me, I can switch to the "silent" profile. But that's more noticeable over time, because the fans pulse from silent to pseudo-loud based on system loads: that constant change is when you notice your fans. Anyways, these are great!


Doing an awesome job for 1080p gaming. Very capable unit for getting your feet wet in the hobby. Maxing out game settings, this monitor provides some really beautiful moments! The refresh rate lets your games shine! Very happy for the time being.

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Updated the pics and got 'er sitting pretty! Super happy with the build so far.

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