Long story short, I had an (overpriced) Origin PC. I paid for a local shop to move the parts into a smaller case so it would fit under my desk. Then built a Better PC:

Then decided to not sell these parts, amazingly found the same case on Craigslist for $40 and build my second PC with old parts. I should have spent a little more money on the CPU cooler, but in the end, I undervolted by -1 and also turned down the fans. It runs cool and quiet.

As far as plex (I don't know how Plex streams) but I can have three devices playing in my home and the computer doesn't show it working any harder, CPU usage or Heat.? So, it works great.

For my second build, this went quick. I am hooked now on building PCs! I should have sold my Xboxs years ago!

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

I bought the thicker fan, and the heat got worse which makes no sense to me. But the thicker fan has a deeper sound, so I kept the thicker fan and undervolted the CPU and Turned off Overclocking and Turbo. Now it runs cool and quiet.


I love this case, in fact, I have two of them! I would love to see a 2020 reboot of this case with a clean modern aesthetic.

Power Supply

I got this at my local Best Buy. Perfect for this build, good price. It would be great if it came with some better-looking cables for the GPU.

Sound Card

I snipped out the annoying red LEDs and painted the case black. Much better.

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