I built this thing way back in 2017, but I haven't been bothered to upload it until now. Made it for my brother shortly before my main computer's parts were ordered (which is also posted). He wanted something that could game for a tight budget, but he refused to wait for the first gen Ryzen 3 line to release. Luckily, I came across a Pentium g4600 that was actually in stock, so I went with that instead.

Really, this computer is just your typical 2017 budget build. Everything in here was built with a $450 budget in mind, not including the monitor and peripherals. Despite that, though, this thing is still a pretty snappy computer for what it cost. I apologize for the low picture quality, but these are the only ones I've got from when this was built.

Part Reviews


A fantastic little CPU for the price. Was always hard to find due to low production numbers (although not as bad as the g4560 was to find), but even today it still stands as a hallmark pre-Ryzen budget processor alongside the g4560.


It's just your standard B250 motherboard. Due to its budget nature, it's missing a few bells and whistles, but it does the job nicely.


A match made in heaven for this build. Not too cheap, not too expensive. G.Skill never disappoints.


It's your standard WD hard drive, as reliable as ever. What more could you ask?

Video Card

Bought during the great GPU shortage of 2017, this thing packs a surprising punch for most titles, provided you keep the settings at a lower level.


An excellent budget case overall, this thing was actually fairly pleasant to build in. Cable management is lacking, but that's to be expected. Expect a few sharp corners when working in this. Surprisingly, Zalman was kind enough to include some filters in the case, too!

Power Supply

Just your typical cheap EVGA power supply. Probably not the most reliable thing out there, but it works.

Wireless Network Adapter

A little spotty at times, however this thing does the trick. Didn't need anything faster due to our actual router's speed, so it was the best choice.

Case Fan

Bought because it was a cheap fan, kept it because it was a great one.


It's your standard IPS monitor. Don't expect too much from this, but it's still a good budget pick.

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  • 6 months ago
  • 2 points

its not a bad build. sure there are things i would have done different, but you only have 450 dollars into it and if you sold any of the parts second hand its not like its gonna be a huge bite out of your wallet. Something people have to remember was during that time GPU prices were EXTREMELY expensive. Your core is solid and will perform fine for what it is. whats important is your psu, case and motherboard give you room to grow. who cares if you got a gtx 1050? It can play any game on the market as long as you watch the settings. Wait on upgrading the cpu it will hold its own long enough for what it is. Its easy to look back and think "he overpayed on his parts!" when in reality thats just what the prices were at the time. People upload their builds with an i7-4790k and gtx780's occasionally and it shows up as a 1500 dollar computer when it gets out performed by a 600 dollar computer. It's all relative to when it was built.

  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points

I'd keep in mind for your next budget build that older Ryzen CPUs like the Ryzen 3 first or second gen have become a much better option for performance over the intel alternatives such as you have. Otherwise it seems like a decent build. I'd also recommend taking a look at a cheap SSD as your boot drive.