This was made from a system that I found from the dumpster at work. The processor had a stock cooler and also had this board with it, along with 8GB of RAM. No hard drives, though. The case was a dented up RaidMax, the PSU was some RaidMax power supply that had some whistle sound in it, so I switched out a few things that I found. The optical drive came with it, so I figured I would use it anyway. All of these other parts were purchased secondhand. The GPU that was in that rig was downright awful, so that's going in the stack of other office grade GPUs...

I bought some identical RAM that I got in an online auction, the GPU was very cheap and I was wondering if I could actually get it for $100. Well, I did, and then I had to pay tax... The case was able to fit everything, but the cable management sucked. Still, everything works just fine. The thermals were nothing to be ashamed of and I was able to conceal most of the cables in the other 5.25" drive bay. The solid state and hard drive were a bundle from a coworker and I found the power supply from a flea market and it was tested thoroughly before purchase. Windows 10 Pro was used from an old key that I had lying around from a system that my employer threw out, so I made use of that through the OEM install.

When I put it all together, I was worried that the GPU fans would hit the USB and HD Audio cables. I used twist ties to get them angled to where it would be difficult to get it in that position. I'm considering taping it down if it ever gets that bad. The CPU is probably bottlenecking the GPU somewhat, but I'm not too concerned about that. It runs just about everything I ever wanted it to run. I would say that I made something great out of something that was discarded. It's no masterpiece, but I feel that it's something to be proud of.

Part Reviews


I've heard so many horror stories about this series of processors. I had to search long and hard for recommendations to prevent blue screens and AMD support had the solution for disabling TurboCore and disabling Cool'n'Quiet. Since then, I've been able to crank this thing beyond 4.0Ghz with no issues. It has been fun and enlightening learning about this notorious CPU series.


I found it in the dumpster with that FX-6300 attached to it. Practically no fan headers and no USB3 headers (which really limited my viable case options). I don't fully condemn the board, but it gets the job done.


Good RAM, no issues. I can't fairly evaluate this. Until it screws up, I'll keep it at 5 stars.


It's cheap, it stores the data, it moves faster than I can effectively measure. Works for me and I've had no failures with these. My only adjustment is leaving 10% of the volume unallocated so that I don't accidentally reach that 90% threshold and the drive starts committing seppoku.


It stores the data. There's not much to really say about this one. I can't fairly evaluate this product as it hasn't failed on me.

Video Card

I love this product. The one I got was second-hand and a bit dusty, so I cleaned it out with an old toothbrush and dusted off the fans and shell. No issues with the most stable drivers, but if you feel dangerous, grab the latest ones. The backplate is very attractive and I love the LED logo. Definitely a sexy card despite it's age.


There's not much room for cable management, but the price is right and this are plenty of space in the 5.25" cubbies to stuff the bulk of the PSU tentacles in that you aren't using. It's pretty, but I had to change the fan out for another Rosewill fan since I didn't have a fan header on the board I was using. I powered the replacement fan with a molex connector and the air flow worked just fine. The USB 2.0 headers accommodated the motherboard's lack of a USB 3.0 header. Haven't tested the HD Audio. The power button is nice and blue. I just wish the power button was easier to wire up because I always get the LED leads crossed the wrong way, so I have to move them around.

Power Supply

I got it secondhand from some tech head at the flea market for $35. He was nice enough to test it out before selling it to me. No issues with it whatsoever. It powers my stuff, has two PCI Express connectors, a strand of molex and plenty of SATA love to go around. I'll change the review if it screws up down the road.

Optical Drive

I barely use this thing, but it reads the disks. It was free because it came attached to the heap that I built my system around.

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  • 2 months ago
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finally something different +rep

  • 2 months ago
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Thanks. This little rig has a story at least. It wasn't just some new 'puter that a rich kid got for Christmas. There's practically no upgrades that could be made aside from the CPU to improve performance, but it can get a penny-pincher into gaming.

  • 2 months ago
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yea a couple of my friends still run old fx's and stream there still a solid cpu for the price