Purpose: A decent gaming machine that will also be great for regular home user tasks.

I have gaming build in a Define R4 and wanted to go for something smaller this time around. Betty is not for me. Budget was set to $900, legit copy of Windows, DVD-RW, and a minimum 240GB SSD were other requirements. That left ~$630 for the usual stuff. All prices in Canadian, which also meant worse deals than are available in the USA.

MIRs: $30 on GPU, $20 on PSU

Thoughts on the build: - Building in the Prodigy was great! I love the smaller size and portability (relative to my personal rig). It is great quality with lots of options for expansion or openness (better airflow). It comes with dust filters for most of the intakes (see note at the bottom about this). It is a bit on the expensive side but mITX options aren't numerous.

  • It was shocking to see how expensive RAM has become. Went with 1x4GB RAM so it is easily upgradable in the future (mobo only has 2 slots).

  • For the price point it was either an AMD CPU + 7790 (or worse), or an i3 + 7850.

  • The build went smoothly. None of the parts were defective.

The most interesting talking point is probably the cooling dilemmas I faced. I realize that with these parts cooling isn't much of an issue, but it still made me think.

  • The case comes with 2x 3-pin 120mm fans.

  • A 140mm would be great. It could be rear or front mounted. The front can fit all kinds of combinations (radiators), but for this simple a setup a big 230mm front fan would also be awesome.

  • The mobo only has 1 system fan header (4 pin). The PSU didn't come with any molex-3pin adapters. Therefore I could only power one of the two fans with what I had. I chose the front one to maintain positive air pressure in the case.

  • The case has dust filters for the front, PSU, and top. With positive air pressure the back and side should be fine. However, the GPU blower fan is at one half of the side fan opening, and so it sucking in unfiltered air (while the other half of the side is pushing out slightly due to the positive pressure).

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  • 72 months ago
  • 4 points

Almost $900 for this thing. Owch. You could've done waaay better for the money.

  • 67 months ago
  • 1 point

It's Canadian Dollars lol

  • 72 months ago
  • 2 points

Interesting choices for a build like this.....

  • 72 months ago
  • 2 points

Ive seen these parts go for a lot cheaper. Otherwise it seems good.

  • 72 months ago
  • 1 point

I wouldn't have gone with an SSD with that budget or such an expensive case. But otherwise it is fairly well balanced for the budget.

  • 72 months ago
  • 1 point

This probably should have at least another 2gb of RAM. I also would have gone with a cheaper case and an AMD cpu at this price point, but this is still pretty decent. Please add a description and more pics :)

  • 70 months ago
  • 1 point

Not sure why this was down voted so much, I'm guessing lack of pics and description when originally posted. This site is brutal over that. At any rate +1 from me, nice build!

  • 68 months ago
  • 1 point

I would've gone less on the SSD and with an FX - ****.

  • 72 months ago
  • 0 points

Could you please add a description and more pics? is hard to give an opinion just with the part list.

Thank you!