I use this pc mainly gaming. Temps bit high, planning to delid or upgrading cpu cooler. Selecting parts, thinking about compatibility and assembling them was fun. Sadly I took a loan from bank and will pay that for 2 years because dollar exchange and pc parts are really expensive in Turkey. But at least my dream pc come true :D

Part Reviews


My old cpu was core2duo p8700. A two core cpu running 2,53 ghz so this is a huge upgrade for me. Runs hot.

CPU Cooler

Nice AIO cooler but I dont recommend this. Easy to use and gets work done but i expected more performance from this. Planning to change this with a 280mm AIO cooler. Probably with kraken x62. I dont know if its normal but sometimes it makes water flush noises.

Thermal Compound

I used this as a normal thermal paste and still there is a huge difference. I am planning to delid my cpu in future.


Nice Mobo. Had some bugs with bios settings but after few updates it become nicer. But i wouldnt recommend to a friend...


Nothing to say much working great.

Video Card

First I was gonna bought msi gtx 1080 gaming x 8g model. then i went to computer store and find out its out of stock almost everywhere. They recommended this card its working great. A little more expensive tho.


Selecting a pc case was hard for me. I really recommend this case.

Wireless Network Adapter

Borrowed from a friend lol


Amazing colors. This monitor is more expensive than a i5 8600k but its worth it.


After using same old laptop keyboard almost 10 years i didnt quite like it. It felt weird. But now I am more than happy to buy this keyboard and mouse

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  • 26 months ago
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Rest In Peace your wallet

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Yep he actually did pay $1300 not joking

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  • 26 months ago
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I looked at the price of the GPU on its product page

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  • 25 months ago
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Please invest in a biggest desk... I cannot stand having that little space for my mouse......

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You know you can just reply to ugandan_knuckles directly by clicking the reply button underneath his comment, so he'll actually get your response in his mailbox.

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ugh, i have been having problems with him.

LOL, yeah I've seen it.

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Well it's kinda funny...

I understand though