This machine is my new rig for general use, mostly internet browsing and gaming, but I might also use it for streaming in the future. It was optimized for performance at a semi-reasonable price, although I did splurge a little bit to get the Strix with 2 hdmi outputs to support my triple monitor setup without having to deal with adapters. The biggest issue I noted during the build was that the big thumb screws for holding the lower fan onto the radiator for my cpu cooler actually got in the way of putting the mesh front back on, but replacing the screws with more low-profile ones solved the problem. Everything else fit in no problem, and after downloading the right software, I could control the RGB lighting on my motherboard, gpu, and mouse, although the keyboard was red only (RGB cost $40 more) and the cooler pump glowed white only.

The keyboard seems quite nice, although I'm not seeing any major improvement from moving to a mechanical keyboard, the keys are in fact quite silent unless I bottom them out roughly. The mouse is also absolutely fantastic, I have slightly bigger hands, and it fits like a glove, easily the most comfortable mouse I've ever used, it almost makes switching back to my old wireless mouse when I have to use my laptop into an uncomfortable experience.

Overclocking was nice and easy, temperatures actually didn't end up being the bottleneck for me, my cpu got bottlenecked by "current limit throttling", and the gpu seemed to have no ability to raise the voltage, but the performance on each was already great, so I'm happy with the little extra performance I was able to squeeze out (4.8ghz on the cpu, about a 10% increase in clock and memory speeds on the gpu).

Overall, I am very happy with this computer, it is far more powerful than my 4 year old laptop, and I can't wait to start playing the latest games with maxed out settings, soon in 1440p!

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Absolutely the most comfortable mice I've ever used. The ring finger rest with a groove on the side for the pinkie makes doing a palm grip with my slightly bigger hands an absolute dream. Also full RGB light control which is neat.


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