I present to you my first build: the "White Knight Ryzen"!

About pics: I bought all the parts that have a price on / after black friday 2018 but it took a while for all the "optional" things to come, hence the post in 2019. I was also optimizing the temperatures for weeks. I actually reduced my HD and SSD temps from 45 average to 35 average by re-cabling and fixing case airflow! I also had to rebuild the whole thing several times due to a few... accidents which is why there so many pics. I also MIGHT have a useless 80mm fan in there which seems to just be blowing cool air out.... I will need to test if it does anything with a GPU test.

Purpose: This is basically a work-horse laptop with some light gaming use. I mainly got it for it's multi-tasking usefulness especially with development related apps with all the cores and RAM (data, VM, video). Currently, this more than suffices for all my work-related needs with easy and cheap room for large growth if I plan to work with graphics more. According to my current rate of daily GB writes (50GB), my M2 will last at least another 25 years... (I symlinked a lot of writes to my hard drives.) But with room for 3 SSDs, I am looking for a small SSD to use as a "scratch" disk for temp folders and another SSD for programs I don't want to waste on M2... and a last one for god knows what.

Will also add more RAM (if I need it since it never goes over 60% anyway).

In a couple years I may replace the entire CPU and motherboard with whatever cool new thing Intel has. And of course get a real GPU... Actually, this GPU is great and fulfilled my mid-graphics-heavy 2TB of games just fine including GTA V, Civ 6, Dragon Ball, and of course SC2.

Some apps, like SC2 uses only dual cores at most and it was a tough decision between 9900k and this and I'm still not sure I made the right choice since Microsoft probably has (and will have) things "more" compatible with Microsoft chips. Oh well, we'll see in a couple years if they come with a good new line.

My main reasons to go with the Ryzen alternative though is because it was an experiment in giving AMD a try and I do plan to overclock it to the limits and replacing with the next Intel next-gen board that comes out in a couple years (and use certain components for another build).

Problems: No real problems except that the monitor has AMD Freesync which I did not notice any difference with and disabled because my window placement goes awry after waking from sleep. The cable's power connection disconnects with AMD Freesync. Literally the most annoying small thing ever...

The BIOS is cryptic and disorganized so I also did not OC anything... in fact I left the RAM at its underclocked so it should last forever. It does deserve some messing around with due to its "lifetime warranty"... I warrantied the CPU and MB too so I really would like to improve the single core speed without messing something up (I heard EZ mode is a disaster)... even though I only want it slightly for games.

Part Reviews


Pay twice the price for an end-of-generation CPU all for bit of single core improvement? No thanks.

CPU Cooler

It's a monster that somehow fit in my mid-tower.


This board is worth twice its price but the BIOS and Gigabyte software is kind of lame.


Amazing RAM for $230. Will pick up another set when it drops in price. Hopefully the "lifetime warranty" is true and G.Skill is around 20 years from now.


Performance was slightly less than advertised... but better than SSD. Warranty is not long enough but should 20 years with some provisioning and offload tricks.


Is faster than my more recent "server-grade" Hitachi.... Using this as a pagefile and tempfile disk due a reallocated sector.


Slower than advertised... can't complain as a storage disk though.


It fit the monstrous noctua dual HSF! Great airflow and dustcatchers.

Power Supply

Would be awesomer if the clabes had more flex but decent for price and hopefully will be good for dual GPU when it uses more of its 850.

Case Fan

Definitely noticed a few degrees drop compared to corsair's model which was pricier. And it is quieter too.

Case Fan

Haven't done much experimenting with it but great for its faster speed and price even if the lower-end control is not as fine-tuned.


Used as a lower rear exhaust... and to balance systemic pressure... quiet and seems to reduce some things a degree or two.

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  • 15 months ago
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you might want to change the name

  • 15 months ago
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nice build though

  • 15 months ago
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I had to use the Rising to the top pun. Anyway it's rising... Slowly. I added 2 SSDs for temp and VMs.