Bought a 499 HP gaming computer on 2019 black Friday. Comp came with the I5 CPU, 1660TI, Wifi adapter, M.2 SSD, 8G RAM, Windows 10. Bought the Case off a local shop for 40$. Got the case fans, CPU cooler, Mobo from Newegg. Bought a new antenna from amazon for the adapter the old case had a wire and a small steel plate for one. Planning on adding 3 more of the same case fans to the top of the case and if I really feeling it maybe 1 for the exhaust fan. Going to add a Rosewill led strip since the case fan hub can also power 2 strips, the Deepcool logo on the wide of the case is translucent for a led strip to be placed. The mouse I already had. Bought the monitor for 179$ on Black Friday as well. Wife bought the keyboard for me as a gift. Honestly wished it had a AMD processor but, I'm very happy with this build as far as the tower goes its about 900$, and only spent 750ish on it!

Part Reviews


Love this CPU, it has done me well for a 6 Core, 6 Thread. Pricing isn't terrible for sure.

CPU Cooler

Best Cooler for the money. Super quiet and high cooling capacity! My go to for any build RBG or not.

Thermal Compound

My go to Thermal Paste!


Has two M.2 slots and a M.2 Wifi, and slot 6 sata slots. Best board for the money.


360mm top and front radiator mounting compatible, also 2 fan slots in the bottom of the case if you remove the HDD cage. Dust filters all around. Glass front panel, Glass side panel, Glass panel over the PSU. Best feature case and awesome airflow for 70$

Case Fan

You want RBG fans BUY THESE!!!!!!!! Get the RGBF-S12004! The s12001 have black fans, the 12004 has white fans with more LEDS same price!

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  • 1 month ago
  • 3 points

You didnt reuse anything besides the wifi adapter?

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Reused everything in the description only new items are the case, fans, psu, cpu cooler