Old Betty is my faithful PC. She's not the fastest or the sexiest, but she takes care of me just fine.

I use Betty for everything from sound recording and engineering to 3D CAD to video editing.

She runs quick and cool and I haven't had many problems with her at all. Like... Nothing.

Parts were chosen based on merits and then value. I managed to get in on nearly every part at the lowest price except the RAM.

Some parts I would buy again and some I wouldn't. All in all, I think Betty and I have many years ahead together.

One Year Review: "Ninjadudewhat" Was on the ball and reminded me to do my 1 year review! So here we go!

Since purchasing most of the core parts, most prices have gone up considerably. I think that is representative of the quality and demand that has exceeded most expectations.

The i7 4790K has preformed reliably under both windows 7 and 8.1. I've experimented with slight overclocking but have never needed to push it much. The H110 is working just fine with the stock fans even with light O/C. With no O/C the temperatures are probably closer to 25c idle and 43c underload at 15c ambient.

The TridentX RAM has proven invaluable when operating AutoCAD or TeklaStructures. I've been able to get about 12% O/C out of these sticks without any fuss. They're now considerably cheaper than when I purchased them, so I would highly suggest anyone grab them while they are so inexpensive.

Since it's construction Old Betty has crashed only once. It was probably due to a software update.

As for the Strix 970, it has preformed as expected. Constant driver updates are annoying but ubiquitous for all users and unavoidable. The value is still very strong at $400 CAD. I will probably SLI with an identical card in the coming year for some extra horsepower.

The Samsung EVO SSD's are reliable and fast for the money. With the growing demand for NVME protocol drives, the prices on older storage units such as these have come down considerably - so the accessibility for cost cutters on SSDs has improved.

Stay away from the Seagate 3Tb HDDs. I haven't had issues with them personally, but I have read many horrifying reviews and longevity tests give reports of awful failure rates.

The EVGA PSU is a beast. It's quiet and has never hiccuped. Its efficiency has not dropped at all yet so all good there. Unfortunately the price has also been driven up considerably.

The BenQs are still doing there job well. no sign of burn or distortion yet at all. Price of these guys has also climbed.

I have two negative reviews in regards to the parts:

The Corsair 750D enclosure when compared to other builds I have done more recently has proven to be nothing particularly special. It's big and good looking and has a few nifty features, but for the cost there are many better choices out there nowadays.

And finally, the APC BR1500G Back-UPS. She quit on me suddenly (thank the maker my PC and electronics were off at the time). I came into my studio and the running lights on all of my gear was off. After about 8 months she just quit. For such an important piece of equipment at such a premium price I was sorely disappointed. I got it ticketed and replaced quickly and without much hassle, but I just cannot forgive APC for putting anyone in such a situation. I know my gear was covered under warranty and I would have been fine in the end, but this is my BABY we are talking about!

Anyway, peripherals are all great, especially the SteelSeries Apex keys. They are the centerpiece of my whole studio and are solid as a rock.

PassMark Benchmark:

No O/C

Part Reviews


An excellent value for the price. The haswell architecture's 4-core full potential is realized in this chip. Don't expect to O/C much since this one is wound up pretty tight right out of the box. Probably the best value chip on the market when TDP is considered.

CPU Cooler

Bulky and loud, but very effective. Make sure you've got the right case for your intended cooling configuration because even in Corsair's 750D this thing barely fits and will not allow a push/pull configuration in the top position with a full ATX motherboard. Stock fans are good.


Comes with a lot of extra features that most enthusiasts won't ever need. That said, the current ASUS bios is the best to work with. The board itself looks great and feels fairly tough and durable. Could have used a couple more fan headers.


Lightning in a bottle. For the current price these sticks are WELL worth buying since O/C can yield exceptional results. Mine are running at 1866 but have been tested stable at 2000. Very versatile and reliable sticks.


Excellent price/performance . Lightyears ahead of most competition when you factor intangibles like warranty and service. Not quite living up to it's claimed speeds but close enough not to warrant replacement.


Have worked fine so far. I hear failure rates are through the proverbial roof though. We shall see...

Video Card

Great card for the price compared to competition. Looks incredible. Generally silent. Very heavy and will sag a lot.


Good case with lots of extra room for cables. Intelligent design makes swapping parts easy. I have to admit that it does feel as though operating margins at Corsair air much higher than other companies.

Power Supply

Looks great, is quiet and has an awesome warranty. With big rebates flying by every now and then you can get this PSU for a steal. Is larger than 850watt PSUs.

Case Fan

They're fairly silent. Okay airflow.

Case Fan

They do the trick. Only buy when on sale.


Best in-class value. These are just as good as ASUS/Samsung, but you save $40! Look very good with extra thin bezel and zero-flicker is an eyeball saver for sure!


Beautiful, practical, efficient. Excellent all-around keyboard that does not sacrifice function for looks and profile.


The most expensive mouse I have ever (probably will ever have) bought. Glides like a hockey puck on my plastic SteelSeries pad. Not sure if it's worth the cost but I have only 1 complaint: Does not come with extra weights!


Bar-none in terms of value. Excellent low and high-end response. Very comfortable. Mic quality is above average. It is the undisputed standard for a reason.


Use them at work as well. Battery will outlast the warranty. Replacements and upgrades are relatively inexpensive. The UPS market is pretty much locked down already anyway.

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  • 59 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build! I have the next size down from that Corsair case, I love it. I almost went with the Strix as well. Your set up looks grand, congrats.

  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks mister! Corsair and Asus don't disappoint very often.

  • 53 months ago
  • 2 points

One year review?

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for reminding me. The 1 year review is up :)

  • 53 months ago
  • 2 points

No problem, lucky I was looking at UPSs xD :-)

  • 41 months ago
  • 2 points

So what is the"bad" taste from the UPS?

  • 40 months ago
  • 1 point

board failure

  • 27 months ago
  • 1 point

did the seagate drive last for you?

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

I've put the Seagate drives into a NAS Server that I've been using in RAID5 and it has not faltered yet.

  • 26 months ago
  • 1 point

I gave them both away, but they are still running.

[comment deleted by staff]
  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you!. Strong, cheap and easy to work with :D