(not really the name.)

The PC build went well (except the liquid cooler, took forever to install) but I do have some issues that I haven't fixed yet.

Some of the RGB lights don't function (I think I did something wrong, it's my first build) * GPU power cables are annoyingly long

Other than these issues, the build works great. Was able to OC it to 4.6Ghz all cores without any issues. The build looks nice for a first builder. Also, this is not in the part list, but I have a 3TB hard drive as well. SSD Read: 3544 MB/s SSD Write: 3270 MB/s

depressing hard drive writes and reads * HDD Read: 187 MB/s * HDD Write: 185 MB/s

Also, I'm a bit lazy sometimes, so there isn't a lot of pictures. Still trying to fix the pump & fan lighting.

edit: yay I got the pump and the lighting fixed, although the rear one doesn't have any...

Part Reviews


Really fast processor and overclockable. What more could you ask for?

CPU Cooler

Taking off two stars because: * its a pain in the a** to install * the controller is absolutely. terrible. * the RGB lights dont work (probably my issue) Other than that, really great cooler, keeps my i7-9700K below 30C at idle and under 68C under load.

edit: RGB works now, so I'm giving back one star, but the connections are "horrible and flimsy."


Excellent motherboard! Unlike some other people, I had no issues with sound, internet or power. However, there aren't enough USB headers for me. Also, the SATA ports are difficult to get to if you are adding more devices that require the SATA ports. If you're buying this for the lights, don't bother. The RGB isn't even that bright.


Superb RAM. Aura sync is a nice touch.


I am coming from a REALLY slow 5400RPM HDD. Takes forever to boot once you plug it in again. Now, boom. Almost instant boot. Log in, and all the programs are prepped and ready to use.

Video Card

Not an overpriced like a few others cough cough Asus a bit powerful for the price and there's almost no reason not to get it if you prefer an RTX 2070 Super.


A bit cramped in there, but, it's a compact mid-tower. What do you expect? Great case.

Power Supply

Superb. Hasn't fried or exploded yet, provides enough power for my build. Fan is apparently silent, or it never runs.

Case Fan

Bit loud, but that's to be expected from such a high CFM fan. Does the job very well.

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CPU temperatures around 30C-ish. GPU is around the same, only lower.

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powerful, but the cable management is terrible

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Yeah. But I'm a first-time builder, and I always sucked at managing cables.