Good Gaming PC used for Gaming/Editing. Was going to go for a NZXT AIO liquid cooling. After hearing all the negative reviews of the Cam software i went for a Corsair Cooler. I built this on my birthday May 11. My old system was good for a while when trying games such as fortnite,R6,Overwatch. I knew it was time to upgrade saved up some money. I wanted good looking rgb so i went all out with the rgb strip case fans. Feel free to give me some feedback in the comments.

Part Reviews


For high frame rate 1440p and (some 4k) gaming it pretty much came down to this or the 9900k since i was going to use it for mostly gaming. I decided to choose the 9700k over the 9900k

CPU Cooler

A little bit pricey keeps my 9700k cool


Awesome board to work with, SO MANY HEADERS.


Nice looking RGB for a good price


Windows 10 Pro took literally less than 5 minutes to setup on this drive.


Does what it is supposed to do.

Video Card

A lot more expensive than base models though and not really worth it as if you save up a bit more you might as well go for the 2080


Quite a few air gaps around the case other than that great case

Power Supply

It's powerful, it's reliable, it's efficient,

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Wrong Motherboard oopsie

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Happy birthday that was my barmitzvah day too!