So after looking at the feedback from the first version of this build I went and made a few changes. I managed to pick up a second hand CPU cooler and also got some off brand RGB fans to improve the overall look of the build.

Version 1 can be found here with all information about the build:

I really like how it now looks! Thanks for all your help. I have also changed the prices as I have put how much I paid for the parts at the time I bought them. Overall, It is a great build for under £1000.

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  • 14 months ago
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looks good. whats in the lower PCIE slot?

  • 14 months ago
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Wifi Card

  • 15 months ago
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So, new CPU cooler, RGB, and swapped the MSI gpu for the ASUS? Could've just revised your current build.

Nonetheless, this is a nice build!