So i built this with the idea of competitive gaming but i didnt relize that i could have gotten a hyper 212 evo and it would have preformed better.

But this does get the job done haven ran any benchmarks but i get about 120+ fps in most games should have got a better monitor, keyboard, etc. but it gets the job done!

The picture is of my old case the s340 Elite (white) i recommend this case if you plan on replicating this build.

Part Reviews


Great cpu i would recommend it for any gaming build

CPU Cooler

Get a hyper 212 evo it will work better. Decent cooler tho.


Cant fit a full size psu without pulling out hard drive bay

Power Supply

Had to buy a second one as old one went dead.


Meh dont like the switches decent tho


I love this mouse so far


Lasted me about a year or two until they broke but that was just from regular ware and tare but they sounded great!

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  • 19 months ago
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More pics and then I'll give you a +1

  • 12 months ago
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What do you mean with your H60 AIO cooler? That thing is an amazing, entry-level AIO that has pretty great performance that doesn't break the bank.