Perfect 1080 gaming rig. Runs quiet and cool with noctua u12s cooler on CPU and amazing airflow in the case. The dark glass on the case makes the little bit of rgb I have look great without being too bright. The 1660ti is a great gpu and handles anything in 1080 ultra settings. Decided to go with last gen due to price to performance and so far have no regrets.

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Great looking and well rounded build.

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I really hope that you got your deal on these components at the time of purchase. Few questionable parts are the Noctua Cooler, MSI Mobo and GPU.

For Cooler, it looks cool but it is an overkill for 2600 unless you have plan to upgrade to 8 core 3000 series or 4000 series.

For Mobo is the same unless you bought this during Black Friday sale which was pretty cheap but could have just used cheaper board for 2600.

GPU wise, I don't think I have seen much of this model on sale and the performance would have been much better with 5700 which would be similar in price to this specific 1660 ti model. With 1660 ti that is already pretty low in power consumption, lower models would have been acceptable if you really wanted the 1660 ti where the funds saved could have been spent towards upgrading CPU to 3600 rather than 2600 which would have worked really nicely for your build.

Lastly, 2000 series do not scale that well in 1080p gaming that you would have achieved better 1080p gaming performance using 3600 and 1660 which would have been cheaper than 2600 and this specific 1660 ti.

Anyways, at least down the road, if you ever upgrade CPU or GPU, look into the combo to see whether both components will not cause any bottleneck since your other components such as Mobo, CPU Cooler, PSU are more than enough for the next upgrade if you ever need one.

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Thanks for the input.

Yes those components are Overkill but they serve a purpose. I have an upgrade path in mind.

There were a couple reasons for the Mobo choice,

  1. It has built in WiFi and bt which so far work great.

  2. It has good vrm cooling so ocing isn't a problem.

  3. This high end b450 was considerably cheaper that a low end x570 with all the features I need.

The noctua cooler was purchased a while ago with a different CPU in mind. I was in a position where I needed a new cooler on my old build so I figured I would get one good enough to transfer to a new build. The 2600 definitely does not need that much cooler but I'm not upset with the awesome temps under heavy load.

As far as CPU choice I was really on the fence. I weighed my options for the 2000 and 3000 series and decided to save the money and wait for the 4000 series. The performance is great at 4.1ghz stable and I'm not disappointed.

Now for the 1660ti. I purchased that right before the 5700 came out and yes there's a bit of buyers remorse but it has been a great card. I have had no issues getting 100 fps avg on AAA titles at ultra settings and steady 165 fps with vsync on esports titles at 1080p. I paid a little more for the asthetics as well but I would have done that on any card, so again, no regrets.

This build has been a while in the making so my component choices may seem a little odd, but as we all know, tomorrow there's gonna be something better.

I really appreciate feedback as it helps us all. Thanks again for you thoughts.

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I have the exact same Mobo for 2700X on my wife's PC which was bought during Black Friday Sale and it is a good board that can handle 3000 series and most likely 4000 series as well for the reason you've mentioned.

2600 CPU is good for what it is in terms of price but it will not be fully able to utilize even 1660 ti. It seems like you do have upgrade plan in mind so good luck on your future choices.

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I have nearly the same build, MB, msi gpu, and 2600. Even the same case! though I went white. All works together wonderfully. I got my 1660ti right before they came out with the 1660 Super, which frankly ticked me off a bit (95% the performance for like $50 less base price). I really wanted to save out for an RTX 2060, but it just wasn't in my budget, as in I already had enough dirty looks from the wife lol.

That MB was the only one I wanted out of all the ones I looked at, and it was constantly sold out when I was in the process of building. As soon as I saw it in stock and for $140 I stagged it. It sold out a few hours later that day.

As for my 2600, I have tried it at 4.0ghz but I get issues, so I stick to 3.9 and its great. You were luckier in the lottery than me lol Mine is pretty darn close to the rest of your build too, just swap out some brands. I'm happy to see your build is running so well, it looks awesome! Maybe Ill get around to posting mine eventually lol (im lazy)

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Go swap that 1660ti for a same price 5600xt. the 5600xt beats the regular 2060. Then you'll have your beast on coke.