i recently rebuilt my computer and replaced the old dated case with a new all glass one and a much better 750 watt gold psu over the original 450 bronze, i was also lucky enough to find the nzxt n7 on sale for $130 a month back and got all 7 antec fans for $90. with the computer outta the way i now wanted to upgrade the sound of my system to real home theatre quality so i purchased a 1977 marantz 2215b. the 70s marantz receivers really are the best sounding receivers you can get without dropping $3000 now days. for the speakers i actually acquired these while renovating a mansion in dallas, turns out these are the early prototypes of the first ever ribbon tweeters. these where made in 1973 and jenson actually bought these designs off advent in the mid 70s if im not mistaken. Jenson then went on to mass produce the ribbon tweeter in the late 70s. all in all the sound is very warm and surrounds you in fidelity.

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