This selection of parts was chosen keeping in mind that the main use would be wasting huge amounts of ram and a good number of cores as well as looking forward to upgrade and use this as a base to build a gaming rig later (as a friend was lending me his r9 280x also).

The workloads applied were a bunch of VM's running at a time for some school projects that needed to be finished on time and my previous laptop was not fast enough to avoid stress levels raising on me. (1x Windows Server 2012 R2 [AD, DHCP, DNS, SQLServer], 1x Fedora Server [DHCP, DNS], 2x Windows 10 "client", 1x Debian "client" 1x Ubuntu 8 "client")

I should say that, for a business oriented workload, huge RAM demanding software and raw power, this build was perfect, I could keep all of the above running at a time using around 13GB of the system total RAM.

The issues?, after my first build around 2006 I was missing some knowledge and troubleshooting "how to's" so first and more important ones: 1) The first Windows 10 release does not support my ryzen rig properly (constant crashes and almost RMAed the MB/RAM after 3 days of TB loop). Issue fixed after using the 1709 version of Windows. 2) Do not install BIOS updates as soon as they arrive, wait for feedback and give any possible feedback if you are as impatient as me (some black screens, thankfully the k7 mobo has dual BIOS and a physical switch)

And that is all for now, I moved to another country and currently this is gonna be my previous build and I am already looking on how to put all this parts on a RIOTORO CR1080 probably liquid cooled and upgrade the GPU.


Part Reviews


Absolutely PERFECT performance with low consumption and low temps (always under 50 celsius) paired with a FREEZER 33.

CPU Cooler

Keeps a ryzen7 1800x at as low as 35~40 degrees celsius with a room temp as 21~25. Sturdy build with good quality. Really quiet fan.

After a year, found a bit of aluminum corrosion on the fins. I believe due to the humidity kept by the dust (my fault for not cleaned it so often; twice a year, more or less).


Happy with the performance and options it gives.

2x ethernet ports that can be used to share connection to another device if needed (became perfect to run a small rj45 to my raspberry projects). 1x M2 SSD and 2x RAID0 Seagate Barracuda HDD. More PCI's than needed as I wont be using SLI or CROSSFIRE.

Just missed an integrated Wi-fi adapter. Configuration and Guides from gigabyte are not as clear as they should.


From OFF to Already signed in in 5 seconds (windows10 pro)


Big enough for any setup, next time, I would fill it with a complete custom loop liquid cooling. Dust filters are good

Love that the 3.5 bays for up to 6 HDD's are removable and would let you to put another set of 240 radiator in the bottom or 120+pump in the bottom and 240 in the front, just for the fun.

The sturdiest construction I could not even imagine, although, heavier as hell.

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