Really fun build with everything I need to start a computer up quickly and run it all at 144FPS. The case was very nice and super customizable, and with my blue LEDs from the fans it looks pretty badass as well. The video card works very well in all games (144fps consistently in Rocket League, 100+fps in Overwatch, and greater than 60 FPS in everything else).

Runs very cool (70C GPU under load), zero problems so far! Boots almost instantly under Windows 10.

5/20/16: Changed the orientation of the fans so that it blows hot air out the top so it is no longer trapping it under the glass pane.

Overall Concerns with this build: -The motherboard makes it tough to properly install case fans, as there are only a few AUX fan jacks and the rest are PSU or CPU fan jacks -The Corsair fans are a little loud but not noticeable when you have headphones on

Part Reviews


Very quick and spiffy and also a great price!


Has everything I need and was very easy to put together. Looks nice too!


Plug and play and great design.


Instant booting and loading for everything!


Quick and spacious, all I really want.

Video Card

Can't OC, but everything runs so fast!


Very nice design but a little fatter than I would have liked. Everything fits very nicely though with room for cable routing plus plenty of customization options.

Power Supply

No problems! Works great and comes with very nice braided cables that are easy to route, as well as plenty of velcro to perform necessary wire management.


Super monitor. Colors aren't amazing, but the response time and high refresh rate is. Takes a while to boot up but will automatically cycle through inputs as each one goes off or online. Really nice!


  • 44 months ago
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Very nice balanced build right at $1000. Do you have any pictures with the side cover off?

  • 44 months ago
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I'll post more pictures tonight, if I can tear myself away from Overwatch!

  • 44 months ago
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Looking forward to seeing them.

  • 44 months ago
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  • 44 months ago
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Very nice!

  • 43 months ago
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We have the same case, motherboard, and similar PSUs. I like your build!

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