Basically, I needed to upgrade from an 8 year old laptop that was only getting worse. I shopped around online, initially for a prebuilt desktop. But after consulting my friends that were more tech-savy than I, in addition to everything I read, building one myself seemed to be the way to go.

I wanted a solid computer that would last. I'm employed as a graphic designer, and I wanted to do design work on the side, so something that could handle Illustrator/Photoshop open at the same time was a must. As far as gaming goes, I live in the middle of nowhere and have satellite internet... Mostly just RPG's/singleplayer games that have piqued my interest over the years but I never had a machine capable of playing them.

My friends sent me build lists, I looked at everything, and being unwilling to blindly plop down this much money, started reading and researching. Compared price/performance of most parts, until I settled on what I have now.

Aside from what I'd assume are your general "first-timer" mistakes, there was only a few major problems:

  1. The case, mobo, and liquid cooler I chose were borderline incompatible when combined. The 570 heat sink is quite bulky, the case isn't super deep, and the liquid cooler is really big. The heatsink made mounting the liquid cooler fan out the back impossible, and it was a headache to get it mounted to the top as well. Ended up having to use a few leftover standoffs to give it the clearance I needed to not be touching anything.

  2. After numerous attempts to install Win10, my M.2 SSD was not showing up. For whatever reason, moving it to the second M.2 slot solved this problem

  3. The cases screws were... terrible. I'm a pretty mechanically inclined guy, and I've honestly never seen screw THREADS just strip.

Part Reviews


Neat, clean, powerful, no problems so far

CPU Cooler

Works just fine, but installing it was an absolutely terrible time. It's big, bulky, with very stiff tubes.

Would not recommend if pairing with a Fractal Design Focus G case and ASRock x570 Phantom Gaming mobo, the combination of those 3 items makes most fan mounting locations physically impossible due to size.


Works as advertised, manual was very clear and concise, more than enough ports/slots. Big heatsink, made installing fans very difficult.


Works as advertised, got it on sale too.


Works as advertised, for whatever reason it could not be detected in the first m.2 slot of the asrock 570 phantom gaming, had to be moved to the second one


Works as advertised, but the mounting screw holes seem to be made for wayyyyy smaller screws than what came with my case.

Video Card

Seems to be more than enough for my graphic needs. It's a big card, and it seems to handle max settings verrrrrrry well.


Lesson learned from a first time builder: You get what you pay for.

It's not a bad case, it's not a good case. Very cheap steal, very cheap screws, wiring for control panel/case fans could be a bit longer.

Power Supply

It's a power supply. It supplies the advertised power with no hiccups, came with more than enough cables for all of my components.

Optical Drive

Bought to install Win10 off a dvd. No problems.

Wireless Network Adapter

I live in the middle of nowhere with satellite internet. No point in an ethernet cable, no point in a dedicated PCIe Wifi card. Works as advertised.


Still trying to dial this one in after a week, doesn't seem to have your standard menu when it comes to color calibrating, has all of these preset options where if accidentally selected override any changes you've made. Also doesn't have a set refresh rate, when I'm just on the internet it says 60, when I play a game it says 120. Oh and that reminds me, says it comes with a DP cable, and it uhhh definitely does not. Really bad ghosting when just browsing the internet but isn't present when gaming.


Big keyboard that "looks" like a mechanical gaming keyboard but isn't. I also don't really enjoy all the rgb lights either.

Mouse is pretty uncomfortable as well.

Still using the mouse, swapped out the keyboard for a logitech k570.


Clean crisp sound, fully satisfied with their performance.

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  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

Would you say you could use a 2600x for your design work ? I’m looking for something for similar needs auto cad , photo shop , illustrator ,but my budget is lower.


  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

I wanna say the 2600x is marginally faster, and comes with a slightly better CPU cooler, same with the difference between the 3600X and the 3600. I would honestly recommend just getting the 2600, save that bit of cash and buy an extra case fan if you're worried about it. Unless you're trying to squeeze every bit of performance out of your CPU and overclock(which isn't really necessary for CAD work tbh), the stock cooler on the 2600 will be more than sufficient.

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

Just make sure you get a solid graphics card and 16gb ram. and by solid, I mean... entry level cards these days still have insane performance, a 1060ti would be more than sufficient, and ram is ram, just make sure it's 16gb.