An affordable system built to keep my oldest son up to date, with a modern computer. This system was designed over a year ago, and parts were purchased over time as funds became available. As a result, we were able to get many components at a cheaper price.

Part Reviews


When building our system, this component was considered important enough to not cut corners on (along with the power supply).

The processor does everything my son throws at it, and doesn't break a sweat. Since it's not a "K" processor, there is no overclocking. Consequently, there was no need for a fancy cooler array, the stock Intel cooler was installed.

I'm giving four out of five stars because of the cost for performance (which is easily bested with and AMD Ryzen 5 1600x for just about the same money).


No overclocking, means I could shave a few bucks off of the price of the motherboard. This one came with four fan connectors, as well as the CPU fan, and the sys-pump (for liquid cooling) connectors. All the features of a more expensive board.

My one "con" to this system is the I/O shield was a bit flimsy and easily bent when attempting to install it. It was stressed and bent again when we installed the motherboard.


Corsair RAM. Low profile, classy heat spreader. It does the job and didn't break the budget.


These little jewels are mandatory in my book. They're pricey, but the performance you get from your system as a result, more than offsets the cost.

This one is small, and so is only holding the OS as well as one or two critical applications.


Cheap and big, and when coupled with the M.2 drive, gives you all the options in the world.

Video Card

The crypto-currency price wave hit just as we were looking to purchase a display adapter. We were originally looking at the 1060, but stock ran out, and prices went sky high.

But this card is nothing to sneeze at. All the games and applications run buttery smooth on even "high" settings (some on "ultra").


Classy and shiny.

This case looks really good, and was on sale, so into the project it goes. It was the very first component I purchased for this build, and as a result, set the colour scheme and tone for everything else.

Big, with lots of cable management options, and fan/AIO mounting locations, as well as a dedicated power supply enclosure, and multiple drive mounting brackets.

My troubles with this were minor: The air vent on the top is not protected by a filter (meaning I just used the mounting locations on the front to take in air), and the 3.5 inch drive moutning bay is a bit inconvenient to get to if you've already installed the power supply).

Power Supply

Semi-modular, and bronze rated. I got it at a good price (though I was prepared to spend more) because of a rebate going on at the time.

Operating System

A bit expensive (considering it was free for a while), but what are you going to do? Run games on Linux?

No no no.

Case Fan

We installed three of these (two in-taking, and one exhausting). The fans run quietly, and provide great blue mood lighting.


A great affordable option to the high-dollar mechanical keyboard. The Outemu blue switches are louder than Cherry MX, but require less force to depress, and the click is still satisfying. Also comes in black.

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  • 32 months ago
  • 2 points

This is a great affordable build with plenty of power. I have looked at most of these parts for my next budget build. I like the looks and all of the features. Great job!