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YOSHI! - 1200 build

by wolfietheman33



CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

32.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

53.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

38.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

80.0° C


Lil brother finally decided to get into the PC gaming scene but was scared of building one himself, so he enlisted my services. As this his first PC I went with a non-overclockable build. I'll give my logic on part selection below. At the very bottom I'll discuss any issues I had with the build

NOTE: All parts were bought using amazon as all of the parts were Amazon PRIME elligible (Free shipping). With me living in Alaska and my brother in New York, this ended up saving us $$$ as Alaska has no Tax and shipping would've cost a couple hundred from other retailers. Shipping the PC to him cost me roughly $65 but I payed for it and told him it was his Xmas gift :P

CPU: I've used both AMD and Intel but my personal preference for a gaming CPU is Intel. Wanted to get him at least a 3.0 GhZ quad core and with the 1150 chips being the new way forward I went with this one. His budget allowed it & it's been running great.

CPU Cooler: Ok I know what your thinking "Why the hell did put a closed loop cooler on a non-overclockable chip" and normally I'd say the same thing of anothers build. Logic behind it being that the stock heatsink is Meh & once he saw my older model H60 he wanted one. His budget allowed it so i said SURE.

MOBO: My preffered brands for mobos are Asus, Gigabyte, Biostar (for low budget builds), and Asrock. This board was one of the few 1150 ITX builds that had built in Wi-Fi and was available via Amazon Prime so it's what I went with. Has all the features I wanted at a reasonable price (for an ITX)

RAM: Went with these as they were on the Mobo qualified memory list to ensure hassle free compatibility and they were also Prime elligible. NOTE: The pic shown is an older model pic as the heatsink on the RAM is different.

Storage: Tried and true combo i've used for a few builds. Both were prime eligible and both products have always been reliable in past builds along with having good read/write speeds.

GPU: I've used both AMD and Nvidia cards before but Nvidia was going to be the winner here. With my lil bro new to PC gaming and us living very far apart (see NOTE) I can't walk him through the settings of every game he has. As such the Geforce experience with there convenient optimization of game settings made me choose NVIDIA. With that being said the GTX hit the sweet spot between price to performance. It comes close in benchmarks to my Gtx 670 and his card was also PRIME elligible. Went with the superclocked version as it has the company overclock to coax a little bit more performance than the stock ones.

CASE: MY brother wanted something small (hence the ITX build) but he fell in love with this green bitfenix prodigy. I originally recommend the fractal node 304 (built a friends PC using it) as the dimensions were smaller, but he absolutely insisted on this one and he wanted to have a cd drive (the node I recommended does not have a drive bay). Since it was his money that he was using, and the good reviews on the case, I said SURE.

Power Supply: Personal prefference on PSU brands is Antec and Corsair. This one had good juice & single 12v rail so I said sure. It's semi-modular and it made the build easier.

ODD: Lil Bro wanted a BD so I said SURE. Prime eligible & Asus branding :)

OS: Used both windows 7 (mine & most builds) & 8 (moms build) but my personal preference is still 7. Lil bro could not stand windows 8 after using the PC i built for my mom so he insisted on 7 so yea.

Ok so as far as the build goes it was relatively painless. Biggest concern was when I installed the H60. The hoses on the cpu block was pressing on the RAM in the first ram slot. Everything still works fine and the pressure isnt too great but I was scared I wasnt going to be able to get the RAM in the first slot (what with it being an ITX with only 2 slots, it wouldve been a big NO NO). The semi modular cable of the PSU helped immensely. Ironically enough I used all of the slots but routing them was a breeze and everything fit nicely. Biggest nag was the bitfenix side panel connectors. Installing them on the mobo was a pain as it made trying to tuck away a pain. Also while the window on the side panel is nice, the side panels with the mesh (at the time of writing this comes stock with the window panel and bitfenix sells the individual side panels with the mesh in most colors except green) are much better suited for cooling.

EDIT #1 - Picture 6 was before I tried to connect the side panel connectors. In the pics its Case->fan->Radiator but due to the location of the usb 3.0 header in on the mobo, the radiator made it impossible to plug in so I hade to rearrange the orientation to Case->Radiator->Fan. No way I could do a push/pull config with 2 fans given the location of the usb 3.0 connector on this Mobo.

Overall enjoyed the build and runs like a champ. Budget was $1200 but went slightly over around $1215. Dont have the exact $$$ Amount as my lil bro ordered the parts using his Amazon acct.

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fnapoli 1 Build 7 points 49 months ago

This is a pretty sweet build! Too bad they don't make neon green GPUs...it would look great filling up that side window!

wolfietheman33 submitter 4 Builds 1 point 49 months ago

Thanks! Lil bro wanted to have green LED's right above the window but he forgot to order it and there were no stores around me that had it in stock.

Really2n2 2 points 49 months ago

They have Neon Green GPU, only thing is that you wouldn't see it because the GPU is facing up

MDDevice 3 points 49 months ago

Looks pretty good!

wolfietheman33 submitter 4 Builds 3 points 49 months ago

Appreciate the compliment :)

st3 5 Builds 3 points 49 months ago

Is it possible to rotate the rad 180 degrees so the tubes are on the top? Those bends are scaring me. :) Very nice build tho!

wolfietheman33 submitter 4 Builds 2 points 49 months ago

I initially tried that but with the added space from where the fan mounts are and the very bottom of the rad it didnt fit. Even in its current orientation it's pressed against the cases upper fan grill. I also tried to orient it using the top fan spots but the ODD drive got in the way. The tubing on this year H60 are more flexible than last years though and I did my best to reduce the angle of the bends. It's a great suggestion though and I wished it would've worked that way too.

st3 5 Builds 1 point 49 months ago

Good to know, I'm considering a Prodigy build as well. Also it looks like your PSU fit in there no problem, I've read some PSUs are a pretty tight fit in this case.

wolfietheman33 submitter 4 Builds 1 point 49 months ago

PSU fit was hassle free. Since it was semi-modular the thickest cable (24 Pin and 4+4 pin) were on the far left hand side, which is where the cutouts and empty space is on the prodigy. Using that space it was easy to zip tie the cables and have them fit in that little nook without blocking anything else. The rest of the modular cable on the cx were flat black cables (as opposed to circular sleeved ones normally found in others) so they were easy to route and tuck away as well. Hope the information helps and good luck if you decide on using one for your next build!

Comasnessvette 3 points 49 months ago

Nice job with the case and name!

nickcalbear 1 Build 2 points 49 months ago

Sick build, love the side window on the green bitfenix. Thinking about getting one for my white case.

AH__Banana 1 Build 2 points 49 months ago

Pretty snazzy looking.

PacificNic 4 Builds 2 points 49 months ago

lol Do those tubes not kink?? :P :D

malcar11 3 Builds 2 points 48 months ago

That's the prettiest case I've ever seen. In my country is impossible to find one like this (all are huge and bulky) Congrats, enjoy it!

QwopTillYouDrop 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

I ordered a build just like this. Waiting for some parts to come, before I can build. Glad I'm not the only one who went with the i5-4570 & GTX 760 SC ACX combo.

fveasjfbeksj 1 point 49 months ago

Lol $50 ODD. Nice build! Your brother should thank you

JigSaWRfS 1 point 49 months ago

Awesome build! Now make a mario :P

liferescripted 2 Builds 1 point 48 months ago

You can rotate the rad 90 degrees so your tubes come from the back of the case. Contrary to some belief, this will not affect the performance of the water cooler. It will help with the nasty kinks you have going on there.

Other than that, nice build. I am doing a build quite similar to this one for my brother.

athanagames 1 point 46 months ago

I don't understand why you'd have a liquid cooler for a computer with a non- overclockable CPU. It just confuses me

wolfietheman33 submitter 4 Builds 2 points 46 months ago

Posted the reasoning under the CPU cooler. Wasn't my money, budget allowed it and so it was part of the build.

daphillenium 1 point 44 months ago

Hey, question here. Do you use the antenna for the wifi? Mine will be sitting right next to my router and I didn't know if it's necessary. Thanks.

JheyoDELperu 1 point 27 months ago

green rocks!!!

JheyoDELperu 1 point 27 months ago

and yoshi tooo nice NAME and pc!!