I've upgraded an old computer before but this was the first time building one from the ground up. Because I was afraid of buying the wrong parts, and making sure everything fits in the mini tower, I ended up not buying everything at once but over the course of 4 months starting on May 21st and finishing on August 25th 2016.

I already had 16 GB of RAM and the 480 GB Kingston SSD from my old computer that's why the prices are $0.00

All other prices include my local sales tax.

May 21st Motherboard Local Micro Center

May 21st Mouse & Keyboard Local Micro Center

May 23rd Case Amazon

May 25th Case Fan x3 Amazon

June 5th SD Card Reader Local Micro Center

June 5th Power Supply Local Micro Center

June 12th 120GB SSD Local Micro Center

June 21st CPU Cooler

July 2nd CPU Local Micro Center

July 20th ODD Bay Cage Amazon

July 20th Blu-ray Burner Amazon

August 24th GPU Amazon

Everything is very tight in this case, unfortunately I did have to make some modifications to make it all work.

The whole Bay Cage Assembly (SD Card Reader & Blu-Ray Player) had to be modified because the top front fan is occupying the same space. I could have easily took the fan out or not put in the bay drives, but I wanted both. So I had to flip the Bay Cage over to have the card reader on top then I had to cut away the back part of the card reader. The back 3/4 of the reader is empty so it's not like I damaged anything. With the cage being upside down I had to modify it to let the Blu-ray player sit in it right side up. Next I had to drill in new holes so it could all screw together. And then finally I painted it all black to match the inside of my case.

The other thing that didn't fit as planned is the fill cap on the CPU Cooler comes in contact with the frame around the 230mm fan located at the bottom of the case. Because of this I have the Radiator/pump/fan sitting at an angle with only 2 of the 4 screws holding it in place. I know that sounds bad but it doesn't move back and forth like you may think.


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Anything orange brother. I love this build. Hard to find orange eye candy though. This is nice.

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Pretty cool.

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+1 Swiftech, +1000 Citadel wallpaper.

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Let's all have a moment of silence for the Halo franchise

oh yea cool pc, by the way

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Way too messy for my taste. Good call on gpu however.

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I tried my best to do some cable management as I built it. But once I realized how big the 1060 was, I didn't know what to do with the excess cables. With the side panel on, plus the angle I'm always looking at it, I can hardly tell there's a cluster of wires in the top front corner.

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This was built on my birthday.


+1 for being built on my birthday

DO I WIN?!?!? /s

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