All prices in $CDN.

Spotted a great deal on a local Zen5 1500X and an RX 570 Armor, then Newegg's Fantastech sale hit me in the face with some RAM and Mobo kinder surprise. EVGA midweek madness for the PSU. 850W is overkill but it allows for peace of mind and upgrades.

I restored a Dell XPS 630 chassis from my previous project. I decided to do a custom white paint job and slight modifications of the chassis as it was in pretty rough shape. It was a lot of work, but talk about nostalgic ... it definitely makes this build.

OC Settings

  • 1500X 3.8GHz @ 1.30v, 70c stressed
  • Vulcan XMP profile 3000MHz 1.35v 16-18-18-38
  • GPU on stock settings, 0db

3DMark Firestrike scores nicely @10,222 without overclocking the CPU. The new user is a happy individual with this one for sure, and I'll miss the case.


Part Reviews


Easy. Solid. - 3.9Ghz @ 1.35V - XMP/DOCP 3000 on B-Die activated


Great deal with quite a typical MIR ... and then on sale!


Good value RAM, comes on sale often. Slow timings make it sloppy for Infinity Fabric and overclocking in general, but the 3000 speed mostly makes up for it. I didn't see the need to OC.

Video Card

4GB model is more efficient for price:VRAM useage. Cheap cooler, but it does do just fine for a moderate OC.

Power Supply

Large wattage Bronze+ for that price ... B-Stock anyone?

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  • 18 months ago
  • 2 points

Great build my friend! Looks so clean with new parts in. Crazy how just a quick paint job can make something look SO much better. Great job.

  • 18 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice job cleaning up and re-painting that old dell case. Nice build though it has been a while since I seen a 250gb mechanical HDD, perhaps it is time to update to a SSD.

  • 18 months ago
  • 1 point

Sold it without an SSD to save on the ticket price. Guy leaves it on all the time anyways and plays Fortnite.

  • 18 months ago
  • 2 points

Love. It. Awesome rebuild. +1 and all that!

  • 18 months ago
  • 2 points

Clean build an I love that XPS case mod

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