This Computer was Built to replace my old computer that i had for 10 years and it's specs were AMD-Athlon II X2 +4200 Dual core 2.2ghz (which was made in 2003 or 4 not sure) 650w PS by a non brand (cant remember off hand) 4GB of Kingston 333mhz (4) 4x1 1GB 500GB WD Caviar Blue Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (it originally had Win XP 64) Upgrade its old Invidia Gefore Card to 2013 AMD HD Radeon GDDDR3 1GB , stock 650mhz Core,800mhz Memory Speed then OC to 680mhz core clock and 850mhz memory speed. I had this build for 10 years and was Able to get away with Playing Cod series all the way up to Mw3 at AVG 40fps on Low-Medium settings,Along with some other mid-to high end games, I also used this Computer for Lan Gaming at my house when friends came over.

My new Configuration: I got my CPU for free from my old Brother along with (1) 500gb Seagate HDD and and (1) TB WD drive(which went to my dad) for now I am using my old GPU from my old Config until I can find a good Priced GPU, along with Performance for the price and order my the other half of my memory to go to Full 16GB of RAM (1600mhz). I am using my 32" RCA LCD TV at 1360x768 and its perfect for me for now.

Update: i will be uploading Pics of my previous Config/Rig and my new Config/Rig

Update 2: Just got my (2) 140mm Apevia Case fans with blue leds , knocked about 10 degrees.

Update 3: Im now looking into either a Geforce 750TI OC or a R9 270x 4GB.

Update 4: I did some better wire managing.

Update 5: got a new desk and re-arrange the case fans for better Air-flow

Update 6: Just Bought a 4-pack of CM 120mm case fans for 15$

Update 7: Fans Arrived and installed for maxium Airflow , redid the case fans air flow direction in my case

Update 8: ordered PowerColor R9 270x 2GB

Update 9: Come early as hell this morning ( GPU) 6:00am , connected and runs perfect!

Update 10: Just Ordered my **Evga G2 1000W 80+ Gold Full Modular PSU

Update 11: PSU arrvied and installed , and managed all the wires

Update 12: looking for a Full tower Case for under 150$

Update 13: Pulled GPU apart and replaced the Thermal Compound with Artic Silver , Temps dont get higher then 60c.

Update 14: Found a Tower, Getting an Define R4 along with another R9 270x or going to a GTX 960

Update 15: Heres the part list to my Upgrades that i did -> Upgrade List

Part Reviews


OC's like a ******* champ! let alone, getting this CPu for free LOL

CPU Cooler

great CPU cooler for starters!

Video Card

great GPU for 1080p gaming , did more then enough for what i use it for!

Operating System

still the best OS IMO


great headphones!


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With a little bit of more money you Could have gotten the AMD FX-8350, but since you got it for free you can't argue with that.

Other than that this is a really Awesome build.

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thanks!! and yeah, i honestly would of wanted a 9570 lol its a bit pricey but i like speed cx lol