My first build! After getting my laptop smashed, I gained inspiration to build a better computer like this. I had planned to use this build for Conventional Use, Gaming, Graphics Designs, and Video Editing. So far it runs like a beast. Though it is not perfect, I look to improve it in the future.

CPU : Decided to go on the AMD side since I heard it crashes games a lot less. It also allows rendering time to be cut down short. Over-all, it's almost perfect. Unlike Intel, it is not fast. However, I did overclock it to the make it just as fast as the FX-8370.

CPU Cooler : Cools perfectly. Only complaint is the fans rattler whenever I made the exhaust and the become pretty loud when the intake. I had to use a case fan as an exhaust while using the stock fan to intake (just to keep it quiet). The Heat Sink was also a bit difficult to install, but then again it is my first build so I can not say much.

Motherboard : Looks stylish. The BIOS was well made. Even though the North Bridge does get hot, I did my best to cool it down by adding more chassis fans. Which worked. Unfortunately it does cover up the top slit of the motherboard tray, so I had trouble routing the 8-pin power connector through.

RAM : Just simple RAM. They do what they're suppose to. They look awesome. Love the designs. Having 4x4 GB was more foe aesthetics rather than performance.

HDD & SSD : 1TB for the price I got it for, I can't complain. I also added in my Himachi 60GB SSD from my old laptop. It's more for back up & aesthetics since I do not even use it at all, well since I accidentally formatted it.

GPU : This is a beast. I can run the most latest of games in 1080p with no lag or drastic frame drop. It also looks awesome in my case. Its fans are very silent even after overclocking it the fans don't even whistle. Definitely the most favorite part in my build.

Case : Was gonna go with the Blue version.Since a BRed build was cheaper and sexier I went with the SW Red. Great for cable management and airflow. Was bigger than I expected but I don't mind. My only complaint is the power indicator is bright blue.

Optical Drive : Was cheap yet efficient. Doesn't rattle at all and is pretty much a standard OPD.

WiFi Adapter : Easy install and is great for playing online games and uploading videos to Youtube.

PSU : Originally bought an EVGA 600B but it came in DOA. So I went with this. It is just as quiet and the cables are easier to manage. Very powerful and no complaints except for it's not modular and does start to rattle after about an hour of use.

Operating System : Decided to go back to the good 'ol Windows 7. Heard it was better to get this that way if I upgrade to Win 10, I have a way of going back to something good. It was cheap and works as it should. I now run Windows 10 however. Still love it :3

Case Fans

  • SickleFlow: These are quiet and creates great airflow for my PC.

  • JetFlo: Love these. They are quiet without needing the extra cable that come with them that change their RPM and dBA. Other than the stock chassis fan, the really light up the upper half of my rig. It pretty much forcing me to buy more to replace the SickleFlow. As well as add Red LEDs

Part Reviews


Great. Not as fast as Intel but this sure comes second place to any other cpu. Fast for rendering videos and 3D Animations. I love it.

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  • 46 months ago
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Nice build

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Thank you :3