A gaming PC for my girlfriend - since I broke her laptop (always make SURE to ground yourself kids). This time I bought an anti-static matt, because I'm paranoid now.

The goal was killer, no compromise 1080p performance in any game on ULTRA settings (that's currently out) - I'll be using The Witcher 3 for performance benchmarks later on, plus good productivity for anything the likes of Photoshop/ZBrush and of course - future-proof the system, the best I can. Oh, let's not forget about looks, make this thing PRETTY! :D

About the CPU, I chose i7-6700K - because I'm of the opinion that an i5 would be the bottleneck in games (especially upcoming games) and a bottleneck as far as future-proofing the system goes. Also the PC will be used for stuff like photoshop/ZBrush, so it's a solid choice.

Benchmarks incoming, but I can tell you now it performs fantastically! :D

Part Reviews


It's a fast quad-core with OC potential, what more can I say. Best in my budget on the market at the moment. Would never pick an i5 for gaming over i7.

CPU Cooler

Great cooling, I usually have it at low RPMs, still keeps the system nice and cool. The software that comes with it is pretty nice, LED control pretty nice too.


Looks great. I didn't want to overkill it with just red everywhere for my build, the nice neutral grey/silver tones look amazing with quality black PCB. Has PCI-E slot armor. I like that it has the SATA cables pointing to the side, not up, from the motherboard - it makes sense. Was very impressed with the BIOS/UEFI and the fan control - it really is the stand-out feature for me - would have liked to see better integration when paired with an MSI GPU (adjust the case fan speed depending on GPU temp.) - also the desktop app counter-part SUCKS, a lot (stuck at 50% min fan speed that you can't change without editing the saved profile file). Still plenty of connections/ports, it does what a motherboard is meant to and does it well.


overall the best RAM I found during my research. After I finished the build - I'm very happy I didn't cheap out on this, and with 16GB, I won't have to worry about anything, likely for the lifetime of the build.


With recent hardware the PC boots almost faster than you can finish reading this sentence!


The star rating will depend on how long the drive lives in the future - for now it's as exciting as storage gets, there's lots of it, cheap and pretty quick for a mechy.

Video Card

basically because I couldn't afford a 1080. It's a little bit of an overkill for 1080p - but that's kind of what I wanted, never see that fps drop below 60. With potential for upgrading to 1440p monitor later on. Performance has been excellent.

Cons: the LED is actually pretty bad, gives a very washed out RED - the colour I was really betting on for my build. Other colour reproduction might be good, but considering the rest of the theme is red - you would think the LED would produce a nice red, but no. Also, very very pricey as far as aftermarket cards go. Would have liked to see deeper integration when paired with an MSI motherboard.


Looks as amazing as you can hope for, with pre-installed LED strips, screams gaming. Of course this is the first part that I bought - which set the cosmetic tone for the rest of the parts down the line. DO NOT like the fan controller, do not like the 3-pin fans, I hate them with a passion. CON: the front panel dust filter actually catches the fans because it bulks inwards a bit and makes noise - haven't fixed it yet. Molex power adapter for the LED strip & fan hub - eww!

Power Supply

AVOID AT ALL COST! Bought two different units on two occasions from different suppliers - both faulty.

Started to fail after 2 months of casual use with power draw <250W. The computer would restart during gaming sessions, no BSOD, just a blank screen and computer starts like normal. Very disappointing, as on paper this should have been flawless. This was also my 'favourite part' on the list, because it was one of the first that I bought.

Will update once the RMA replacement gets here.

[UPDATE] the replacement got here, works so far - but I guess time will tell. I am not happy with the RMA process though, aside from how long it takes - because the shipping cost for me was around €45 - which is a huge percentage of what I actually paid for the product to begin with. When you account for downtime and grief/disappoitment - it just wasn't worth it for me to go with EVGA.

[UPDATE 2] I was building a pc for a friend, decided to give EVGA a second chance & ordered the same one (since the one I RMA'd is still working, so far). And once again a faulty unit - causes hard shutdows (and unresponsive power button unless you unplug it) - seems like it's caused by voltage below 12V.

I bought 2, both were faulty, I can therefore say EVGA components are utter trash. Never again.

Wireless Network Adapter

Gives me the same speed as I get on a wired connection. Fantastic.

Case Fan

This is the part where I jumped off the efficiency train for a sec, because RED LED fans!!!! I knew they would look great at the front of the case and my god, yes they do, absolutely, no regrets, will waste watts again. I was very impressed with the build quality, rubber connectors - these things are beasts though if you let them run on full throttle, noisy and make the pc sound like a jet (JetFlow - get it?). But being PWM fans - this wasn't just easily remedied, but resulted in some pretty sweet automatic temperature/fan controls of the system - so when idle/browsing it's just quiet - when gaming it starts whispering, beautiful.

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  • 40 months ago
  • 1 point

If you damaged a laptop via ESD then chances are you can still fix it. Usually an older laptop will have plenty of replacement mobos for sale on eBay for usually an inexpensive pricetag.

Nice build and kudos on you for making things right :-) Hope she enjoys it.

  • 40 months ago
  • 2 points

Thanks for the tip, I have checked with the local laptop shops for spares but got nothing, good idea with ebay!

I got the anti-static matt for this build, cause paranoia now :D

She loves it and I'm quite jealous! :P Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

are the 3 front fans connected to the fan hub?

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

No. I didn't like the (3pin) fan-hub. All fans are connected to the motherboard and automatically adjusted depending on the temperature.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

u use any extension cable to make the front jetflos reach the motherboard fan headers?

and which fan is connected in this port?

beacause ihave same case and board and i want to know if the cable long enough or no

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

I'm not 100% without double-checking, but I think I do have the CoolerMaster JetFlow(red) connected to that one.

As far as I remember the cables were long enough to reach the mobo just fine, but I would have to double check. Sorry it has been some months since I put it together.