I built this computer in April of 2019, and have been using it ever since. Some parts are from deals I found over at r/buildapcsales, so shoutout to them. This build would have costed at least $200+ more if I had just bought the parts at their regular prices.

I mainly use this build for playing games (mostly FPS's) and for some VR here and there with my Lenovo Explorer. It works really well, and I didnt encounter a problem while building it. After the build, however, I did find the CPU running at 100% usage in Task Manager, but that was quickly fixed with this fix if any of you are having the same problem:

My userbench scores are all above average, with the RAM and my SSD having even higher scores, with nothing overlclocked. Looks like I made out pretty well.

With the stock cooler, however, my 2600x was getting pretty toasty, with about low- mid 40s (celcius) idle, and it was getting up to the 80s when performing benchmarks in games. I ended up undervolting my -.075 volts, which made by temps plummet by about 10c for the idle, and a little less for the load temps. If you have an X- series Ryzen chip, I highly recommend undervolting, as there was absolutely no performance loss for me.

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X I found a deal on this CPU on for $165, which was the base price of the 2600, so I picked it up. It also came with the Division 2, and a better stock cooler than the 2600 had.

Motherboard: MSI B450M Bazooka V2 It was a cheap motherboard that seemed of quality with 4 DIMM slots, a metal reinforced GPU slot, and enough USB ports. Plus, it already fit the Micro- ATX form factor.

RAM: Adata XPG D10 16gb 3000mhz I got this ram because 3000mhz is fast enough for Ryzen, and this ram matches the black, white and silver color scheme. It was also only about $70. This leaves me room for another 16gb to upgrade later on.

GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 Black Edition This was a mining GPU. I know, scary, but as it turns out it still has a bout 2 years of its warranty left on it, (thanks for transferable warranty EVGA!), and is a very big upgrade from my RX 560. It runs really cool, idling at about 35c, without a fan turning, and peaks at 68c. This performs equally to the 1660 ti, which is $280 new, and this also has 2gb more VRAM, albeit, the VRAM is slower.

Case: NZXT H400 White & Black Disregard the H400i in the parts list, as for some reason they didn't have the regular H400 listed. I got this case because its really clean looking, it has good airflow, comes with 3 fans, and has a really nice tempered glass window. I know most cases have tempered glass now, but this case just looks really clean with its straight edges, and doesn't look all 'gamery' like many other cases on the market. Temps in this case are fine.

Part Reviews


Really nice CPU, performs well in games. Good price too, at only $165.


Pretty solid MATX motherboard, has basically everything I need. If you're not a crazy overclocking, this is probably all you'll need.


Solid RAM, no problems, hits advertised speeds just fine. Ive heard this RAM is pretty good for overclocking as well.


Really, really fast boot drive for Windows 10. No problems.

Video Card

Nice, super cool GPU. Runs really well, and is very quiet.


This case has very nice cooling, and even comes with 3 fans. It looks really clean and simple, and has just about anything I could ask for.

Power Supply

Super great PSU, mine came with an option to redeem a $25 Steam voucher with a review on Newegg. I got the voucher a couple weeks ago, just to confirm that works. This PSU does what it needs to, and is super quiet.

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Nice and clean.... I love it.

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Hey I was thinking of getting the parts to make this build :) does it run well in vr? And what’s your average FPS in most games? Thankyou!

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