I have been wanting to build my own PC for a few years now. When my prebuilt Dell took a crap I decided the time was right. This was a few months ago and I only had enough money for everything minus the GPU. I used an old Radeon HD6450 to hold me over until I could get a new one. Well, I finally had enough money to buy a pretty good GPU and the build is now complete.

I ran into a few problems. I wish I had gotten a full-size motherboard. I tried to save a few bucks by getting a mATX board. The cord for the front audio connector barely reached the motherboard. I broke one of the plastic SATA connectors installing the GPU. All around I think it would have been easier.

When I was installing the new case fans I realized I had never plugged the included case fans when I built most of the computer a few months ago. Now that everything is plugged in my CPU runs a good 10 degrees cooler.

I was going to put the emblem of all three Destiny classes on the front of the case. I ordered them and when they came in they were way too big to all fit on the front of the case. Since I am a Warlock main I figured I would put their emblem on the front. I am in love with PC gaming so far. Destiny 2 looks like a completely different game. I don't think I will ever go back to console gaming.

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If I could go back I would probably buy a full ATX board. I was trying to save a few bucks and I regret it. The plug for my front panel audio barely reached the port on the motherboard. I broke one of the plastic SATA port connectors when I was installing the GPU. Luckily there were three others for me to use.


I saw the heat spreaders and knew I had to have them to fit my black and white theme. I didn't realize they were 3000 instead of 3200 until after they had arrived. Everything seems to run fine and I can always upgrade them in the future if I want.


Booting is fast as all get out. I love having an SSD.

Video Card

This is so sleek. It runs everything I've thrown at it at 120-144 FPS. PC gaming is as advertised. I do hear a little bit the coil whine that I have read complaints about but it is pretty rare.


Looks great. I wanted a white and black theme and this fits that to a tee. Once I actually plugged all the case fans in, my temperatures have been great. The GPU rarely gets out the 50s and the CPU a little bit cooler.

Case Fan

I wanted to get white LED fans to light up the insides a little bit, even though with my current desk you can't really see the inside when it's running. These fit the bill. They are maybe a little loud but not too much so.


I like the curved screen so far. 144 Hz is great. I like being able to easily adjust the height of the screen.

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I love the builds with pre-picked color schemes. RGB is just plain lazy and tasteless IMO. Nice job. Reminds me of my old H440 I had in white.