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Its been a long time since i was looking to build a new computer that would be "decent" to leave on the living room and still be able to play games with no struggle, as for my point of view my XBOX One, PS4 and Wii U do it every well despite of other people disagrees.

To achieve a "decent" looking computer that would not disturb my wife and would fit a TV stand. i needed to go small, "silent" and not very eye popping visuals, therefore no lights, LEDs, strange noises and all that.

below follows a brief description of my experience with listed parts in order i believe is more relevant to me and to anyway trying to achieve similar build.

Case: Silverstone SUGO 13B

This case is not only small but cheap, i was unable to find any other case that would fit the new GTX 1080 or 1070, being small and on a tight budget, previously i considered Fractual Design Node 202 or Silverstone Milo 07 but those are over 70 USDs and would add some other restrictions.

Do remember that this is a cheap case both in price and quality, many people complained about bad front USB, power button, LEDs and overall construction, however for 40 USDs this is an amazing case that will fit almost anything you would want on an ITX case with very little restrictions.

In my case, front USBs are "unstable" meaning it works well with flash drives, wireless mouse adapters, wired mouse and keyboard but would not work well with my external HDD, all other buttons and connections worked fine without any issues, but i would prefer that the power and reset cables would be somehow connected to led cables as all cables of this kind are connected to the same place on the motherboard, so i used some take to "glue" them to the case, and avoiding them to hit a fan and breaking, In addition screws provided are very bad quality and should not be screwed all the way... as i broke two building this PC, also the front plate/cover is made of very thin plastic that will crack and chip easily similar goes for the painting as i chipped it on several places.

above issue may scare some people of this case but if you are looking for a clean looking small case with little restrictions this is the only in budget i could find.

Cooler: Corsair H80i V2

Think this as a review of the cooler for my purpose and inside my case only, the cooler is great and do very good job of keeping my CPU cooled but...

one of the reasons for me to get a SG13B was that i would allow me to have my CPU water cooled and not to worry about temperature, my thought at the time was, most cases would fit only very small air cooler and some would allow me to get water cooler so i should get the biggest one i could find... this is not a very good choice because the H80i v2 has 2 25mm fans and 1 49mm radiator meaning you need 99mm clearance from your motherboard to wherever you are mounting those up... can you do this on the SG13B, kind of. Does it work well? definitely no... it is so big that was pushing my SATA cables, case cables and power cables to almost breaking point... i tried replacing fans for sleek Vortex ones but different then what the manufacturers say... they don't work well with the radiator... so i had to move my fan to the front of the case pushing air in and removing the second fan... which is working very well... 69 ºC with overclock on very high load stability tests.... most of the time it stays below 50 ºC

In addition to the radiator size issues, top connecting water hoses on the cpu block is horrible, they are very thick and block the PSU to be correctly placed on this case... but not actually a big deal, it worked well...

from above i can only say that people should go with an H75i or similar water cooler instead of the H80i v2... as it was too much for this case.

CPU: Intel I7 6700k @4.4GHz

This was also very hard to decide as for most activities and games i5 6300 would be more than enough but many people on the internet were suggesting that non HT cores have noticeable performance issues on heavy demanding and parallel applications, in addition i also wanted to take advantage of the water cooler and put some overcooking to work, therefore my decision was between I5 6600k non HT cores and I7 6700k HT cores so in the end i got a good deal at a local store and for 50 USDs more i decided for the 6700k which is clocked at 4.4 with 1.245 v, no changes made to cache , gpu or base frequencies.

MEMORY Corsair Vengeance 3200 C16 16GB

another very hard decision, as for games the most important point is latency however for basically everything else including PhysX bandwidth is very important, so i spent few days checking for the chiefest 3000+ low latency memories i could find the the best were corsair vengeance and g.skill ripjaws v, again what made me decide for corsair was price difference, as i had a 3200 C16 for 25 USDs less than a 3200 C14 so i decided to go with the cheapest which was already 25 USDs over a basic 2133 C19 but i thought it was worth it... mine are currently running at 3333 MHz 15-17-17-36-1T at 1.35V

Motherboard: Asus Z170I Pro Gaming

not to say another hard decision but i believe after the case this was the hardest, m ITX motherboards don't come cheap and many of them are missing components or have many limitations over their bigger brothers, however after a long time looking for one i decided for a Gigabyte Z170N Gaming 5 because it had better heatsinks, possibly better overclocking than others and also had USB 3.1 type c meaning it would have everything plus a few extras which in my belief it made it future proof less frustrating option.

However once i went in store to buy it they were out of stock, which raised all concerns back, but again budget talks loud, magically i found one Asus Z170I open box, in good shape that the store seller guaranteed money back if it didn't work and also offered some extra discount on the price tag if i purchased a compatible CPU, which i already mentioned was also on a good deal...

my thoughts of the hardware it self... it does the work... so far never gave up on my overclock but again i am not pushing it to the limit as the case is ultra small and i don't want to worry about temperature issues, i would prefer better power connectors on top of board instead of side, and i believe the capacitors are in very bad place as they are very close to the screw positions, i know there is little room on m ITX boards but if you miss your screw it may damage your capacitor and well your board will be permanently damaged, i also think this board it too bendy and may not support too much height on it so a crazy powerful graphic cards together with a big air cooler or heavy water block may damage it...

I also had several issues with Asus software, so i removed all RAMCACHE, GAMEFIRST, AI SUITE crap as it actually was making it worse...

but i must say, i am either not very experienced or misjudging things but the UEFI BIOS is amazing, way more options than i expected from an m ITX and although i said i am not pushing it to the limits i noticed it overclocked my PC on about 10% with no effort on the motherboard, i see no temperature changes on it from my stock tests to now which is great to my point of view.

PSU: Corsair CX750M

Did i over do on this yes, why for budget.

When i went in store to buy most of my components i knew i needed about 500W including OC and all so i just asked for the cheapest PSU they had at that specification, they gave me a CX600M which i happily brought to find at home it was not modular nor semi modular as advertised, meaning it was actually a CX600 so they went looking and found the CX600M but it was 20 USDs over the price i payed and they did not cover their mistake, so we found another M version cheaper for only 5 USDs over the price i payed an on the box it was saying 140MM long... similar was on corsairs website... do not be fooled this PSU is 160MM long and will cause some size issues on a case as small as the SG13GB, i had to remove the top plate that would fit another 2 SSDs that i don't actually need to its fine for me... also by removing that plate it gave me some room for cable management on top of the thick H80i v2 radiator, making this huge PSU work for my build which is great even though its a bronze one, its high power makes me at about 50% to 70% usage which gives me almost gold performance if i had bought a 500W or a 550W gold PSU.

In addition i had to cut my sata power cable because it was too long and had 4 sata connectors that prevented my GPU from sliding in place, no actual big deal here but shorter cables work better for this case and CX model PSUs come with very long cables...

SSD: Samsung EVO 850 500GB

As of now, probably most people already know EVOs are the best performance for the money, i even considered and Sandisk X400 but its performance vs price difference to the EVO was not really good... so i chose the obvious, is 500GB enough for me well yes... i don't download movies and delete most my games after finishing story mode and playing some online matches... still if at some point i decide its too little the case offers some options for secondary SSDs either by a M.2 card or my placing SSDs on top of the radiator or on the side of the PSU.

GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 Founder's Edition

this was the hardest thing to get, ever... its been almost 3 weeks that i an about to complete my build and no GTX 10XX available in the market for MSRP, until some good soul at evga forums said amazon got some so i got it right way.

why 1070 not a 1080? as you read in the beginning this is a consolebro not a console killer i will not part ways with my xbox or playstation or even wii u so most games i will still play there, so i was in doubt if i should get a 1070 or a 1080, until i found out about EVGA step up program, they allow customer to upgrade their graphic cards within 90 days of their original purchase date, meaning i could get a 1070, play with it and in 2 months decide if i should do 1080 having better availability and maybe better price.

about the card, well pretty much a founder's edition blower fan GPU is 10.5 inches long, the case can't hold a card much more than this... maybe 10.7 or 10.8 if you push the front cover on it as some other did... its very silent and gets very hot... 83 ºC with OC and 79 ºC without OC, i was pretty impressed that even with this oven on my case, i noticed not difference in temperature on my CPU or Motherboard.

i find very impressive how nvidia is marketing this as a 1500 MHZ / 1680 MHZ ( boost ) when everyone is actually overclocking it to over 2000 MHZ which is about 30 % and many not me got 40% more out of it... which out changing coolers or playing with voltage for me it got 2060 MHZ on GPU and 2250 MHZ on Memory which is what most....

fire strike score was 16.2K and starcraft 2 and diablo 3 plays on 100+ fps in 4k

you may think "oh, old games" is that is true but for now that is what i am interested in...

EDIT_1: Just played a bit more with my OC and managed to get CPU to run at 4.5 GHZ with "just" 1.280v which passed "several" stress tests and allowed me to play starcraft 2 for about 6 hours without freezing or anything like that... however it was tricky to play with Digi+ VRM configuration as just setting to 1.280 would make stress testing to crash... so i had to change all available configs to Extreme mode and vdroop to auto ( Vcore varies from 1.280 to 1.292 ) on other levels it would vary too much ( Vcore 1.260 to 1.300 ).

EDIT_2: After some extra research i noticed i was mistaken on EDIT_1, actual configuration was vdroop at level 7 and base vcore at 1.275 which made my vcore vary from 1.280 idle to 1.296 under heavy load, in addition i also noticed that this motherboard actually increases vcore by 0.016 always therefore causing my pc to crash if it went to 1.274 while running at 4.5 GHZ. Although the configuration worked well my temps would go up to 74C during heavy load like Cinebench or AIDA64 which did no please me, so i decided to get a Noctua PPC 3000 and Phanteks thermal paste ( similar to IC Diamon 7 according to many reviewers ) and i noticed that new fan at 2000 rpm did same job as stock fans at 2800 with considerably lower noise and would make an incredible job of lowering about 4 to 5 C at 3000 rpm but with considerably high noise. again this did not please me much so i found that most 6700k can do some OC with little to no changes to vcore, so i lowered multiplier from 45 to 43 and vcore from 1.275 to 1.190 ( which now varies from 1.184 on idle to 1.200 on load ), now i am getting only 55c during heavy load and still i fell that the performance for gaming is not degraded.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

4 stars as its too thick for mITX builds and fans are very loud, it does a great job at stock voltage and frequency but does not allow much overclocking if you have not much room for both fans and air flow.


This was supposed to be a gaming only motherboard with limited overclocking capabilities however for mITX cases i don't think they could do much better for the price, its running very stable with 15% OC, VRM control is very good and decently stable, very good looking and full of features, for me its just missing USB type C and capacitor location could be better arranged in the middle were there is little change for damage but overall is great, don't be fooled my newegg's reviews as i was.


Very cheap, well designed mITX case, it has room for basically anything you may want on a shoe box computer but comes with mid quality components that can break, scratch or bend easily but for this price and size there is nothing better.

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  • 40 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build! +1

  • 35 months ago
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I am having difficulties with the EVGA 1070 FE. I have this same z170i board. Did you have to put in any special BIOS settings like ASPM or legacy vs secure boot etc?

Cannot get it working for the life of me, trying to figure out if it's the card. I somewhat doubt it because there are so many threads about 10 series cards having a 'black screen' at boot up etc.

In my case, it appears in Windows but has a generic error code 43 that I can't resolve.

  • 23 months ago
  • 1 point

sorry for the late reply, did not connect for a while, but i never updated the firmware on my GPU only nvidia software.