This was my first pc build. I made it with the expectation to be able to play any game in 1080 with 144 fps, and to be able to stream and make youtube videos. Everything I used is included, except the LEDs. I am too lazy to add those into the part list, they cost 29.99$, they supposedly have asus aura sync but I haven't set that up yet. Their patterns and colours are very good. Checkout the stream:

Part Reviews


Only reason I rate this processor four stars is because the first one I received was faulty. The processor can handle streaming and recording 1080p 60fps high quality gameplay while keeping me above 144 fps the majority of the time (never goes below 120 fps).

CPU Cooler

Cooler works great, my processor never gets above 60 degrees, but to be fair I have not tried pushing my processor to its maximum potential. The installation is a bit weird, so for that I give it four stars.


Motherboard is noticeably more brown in real life than it was in the pictures, but everything works great and it is super easy to overclock with.


I put two of these in my pc, best deal on ram I could find and my computer never slows down despite how many programs I have running.


Very affordable SSD, and is WAY faster than the HDD I used to use.

Video Card

This thing has absolutely no problem running any game I tried in 1080p with max settings at 120+ fps at all times.


Affordable, clean looking case. Very minimalist design, got it in black and red.

Power Supply

Got this to make sure I have enough room to overclock, works well, no problems encountered.


Good, affordable gaming monitor. Colour is a bit washed out.

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can you run cinebench r20 and tell me if cpu gets hot? to see if the cooler can keep up.thanks