Built this rig for my Girlfriend's Christmas gift. With the Mail-in Rebates it was not too bad of a price.

So far this rig has handled everything thrown at it and done 60fps no problem.

This rig was mainly built so my GF could play and stream retro games, haven't tried streaming yet but we'll get there.

From an assembly standpoint I really could not be happier with how well it went. I had almost no issues with the cables or parts. The only issues I had were with the case, which was to be expected because she asked for it to glow blue and I was on a budget. Mostly it was too small, with me having to take off the motherboard so as to run the power cables through the case before putting it back on and attaching them. (It's possible to see how tight it is in some of the pictures) Then after all my (beautiful) cable management I had to have help to get the back panel back on. (Cable management pictured)

BIOS set ram to 2400 but XMP fixed that real quick. (Also pictured)

Windows was free through uni. I plan to upgrade with an SSD and some more RAM when I can afford to.

Part Reviews


For $100 this thing kills it. I have an i5-4690k clocked at 3.8GHZ and it isn't too much faster than this baby.

Have not tested the graphics but have seen them used for a lot of games fairly well.


I'm honestly not sure if I'd get this board again.

It's not bad, and has stuff clearly labeled but I have some gripes.

1) The SATA ports on the bottom right of the mobo can be completely blocked off by the graphics card. 2) if you want to do 2-way SLI then this board has you covered, not only you but your second graphics card will be almost completely covered too. 3) The Bios gave me some grief about swapping to my graphics cards from the integrated AMD one.

Aside from that though, truly a solid Mobo, very good.


Cheapest 3k 8gb on the market when I was building, they work great and make the AMD 2200G that much faster.


So far so good. Will update with how long it lasts.

Video Card

On PassMark this has the highest Power/Price ratio, I can't say I disagree. I got it for $160 after rebate. Also sold my free copy of Monster Hunter World that came with it for $45. So the real cost was $115 basically.

For just over $100 this thing kicks ***. The 1060/2200G combo works well enough to play most games at 1080p 60fps on high.


Good case for the price, sleek, looks nice fans run fine and blue (which was a request)

Really the only complaints I have are as follows: 1) The cable ports are tight; I had to uninstall my Mobo to get the power cables through before reattaching it. (-.2 star) 2) The back panel was an absolute pain to get on, and I did a very good job managing the cables. (-.5 star) 3) The PSU fan hole is in the wrong space and too small, this means you have to face your PSU up. (-.4 star)

Best things about this case: 1) Very ample slots to run cables, fairly smooth, plenty of attach points for ziptie cable management. 2) The manual, clearly labled front panel cables, abundance of screws. 3) The beautiful, tool-less HDD/SSD cage.

Power Supply

No complaints so far, only been a month but for $20 totally worth.

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  • 16 months ago
  • 3 points

NO SSD!?!?!??!?!?

  • 16 months ago
  • 2 points

You can replace the 1 Tb hdd with a 240 gb ssd. With 240 gb you have to be storage smart and be able to keep down your downloads having only what you need but it will give you those great boot times you wish for!

  • 16 months ago
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Oh wow this is an awesome rig dude. Nautilus buddies?

  • 16 months ago
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How well does it do streaming?