My first ever build thanks to PcPartpicker and /r/buildapc!! This build will go with me to college in a year and play lots of games until then.

CPU: A Microcenter near me had this core ~$40 off from the original price so I had to go for it. Its working well so far and there is little noise from the stock fan.

Mobo: This worked for me because I am not going to overclock and I wanted the most up to date version. The only problem was that it only comes with 1 3-pin case fan connector. The case has two 3-pin fans. Fortunately, I was able to plug the front fan into the other cpu fan slot at the cost of some cable management. I haven't seen any issues with that yet.

Memory: When I was building I took three hours of trouble shooting and panic to discover that the ram wasn't completely snapped in. Other than that it works just fine.

SSD: Loving my first SSD so far and I currently have more room than I thought I would.

HDD: A nice and cheap Caviar Blue that works fine.

GPU: Overall this is fine but there are a few issues. The biggest being that the DVI screws will sometimes come off when taking off a DVI cable, even with gentle insertion beforehand. Mine also came with a piece loose somewhere near the front. It doesnt affect the card at all at this point, but I am still keeping an eye on it.

Case: Other than the two 3-pin fans, this case has been great so far. I have not run into the issue yet with the overheating SSD and HDD and the screw-less design worked well for me despite Anand Tech's Review I like its aesthetics and quality too for a cheaper case. EDIT: This case has a side panel which rattles a lot and causes a lot of noise. Its an easy fix, but it is annoying if you dont do anything about it

Optical Drive: Still necessary for my work and its really loud when transferring data.

EDIT: I purchased other parts to improve my build!

WiFi Adapter: It works great despite the small amount of coil whine that it creates while in use. The external stand is also really nice!

Vortex Fan: This fan works well and lowered my overall temps by 2 C. Its orange but it is in the front of my case where I cant see it, so I am happy with it!

Monitor: The Dell U2515H is fantastic after my previous 900p monitor! Since I play mostly strategy and turn based games, I decided to upgrade to it despite only having a 270X installed.

M45 Mouse: This mouse works great for me and I no longer have to worry about batteries!

Part Reviews

Case Fan

This fan type has had a past problem of making noise while under any use and Cougar supposedly fixed it in 2014 (I think). My fan came with this problem, but after about 20 hours of use the noise went away and it now works great!


This monitor is great with the extra USB ports, small bezel, and the guaranteed pixel perfect quality! If you are looking for a 25" 1440p monitor this one disappoint you!


If you are looking for a somewhat minimalist mouse with great build quality, this is the mouse for you! I love this mouse despite the mediocre software that comes with it!

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  • 68 months ago
  • 2 points

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of this.

  • 68 months ago
  • 3 points

Impractical Jokers, ftw.

  • 68 months ago
  • 2 points

Living like Larry! Nice build on a budget!

  • 68 months ago
  • 2 points

Looks like a nice build at a reasonable price. I'm not a huge fan of the cable management, but it's fine especially since the case doesnt have a window. +1

  • 68 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build, very similar to one I posted this morning (I used a cheaper mobo but a R9 280).

When I read the name Larry for a computer, I thought of Leisure Suit Larry. I'm showing my age :)

  • 68 months ago
  • 2 points

That can't be right, I have a h97m pro4, how can a micro atx board has 3 case fans(2 3pin fan header and 1 4pin fan header[works well with 3pin fan too]) and 2 cpu fan header[which i believe is one 3pin and 1 4pin] while the atx board only have 1 fan header? I currently have 5 fans(including the stock cpu fan) connected to the board itself without the help of any y cable splitter and molex cables to the psu itself.

I haven't troubled myself to look at the pdf from the asrock website for this particular atx board so if im wrong do shed some light to me.

  • 68 months ago
  • 1 point

It comes with two 4 pin headers as well, but I didnt have any option to use them yet. So there are still five fan headers total.

  • 68 months ago
  • 1 point

oh theres 2 4 pin fan headers and 1 3 pin. for my matx board, it's just the opposite. You can still use your 3 pin fan to connect to the 4 pin fan header and works just as fine except you won't able to control the rpm of the fan. (but you can change to silent,standard,performance mode on the bios

[comment deleted]