My build is not finish, and is not the perfect white mod. But for this price I am really comfortable in game, streaming or editing videos.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

It's powerful cooler, even in game I am really stable. Happily it fittes in my case, because it's really a big baby, be care for the high too!


Love MSI, really good motherboard with wifi. 2 places for m.2 stick drives. Colors are so good to play with. A well build mb.


love the mood it gives in the case


love the mood it gives in the case


Really good choice. Just enough for 4 games and windows! Happily I got a 1 old meca tera behind the scene for documents, videos, pictures....


Not the fattest, but you always need place to stock old documents. Western Digital is really good quality when you need something working for years.

Video Card

I love MSI, it s the coolest of the serie, powerfull, no noise...etc the best choice


Really good case. Just the inside wasn t all white as latest case.

Power Supply

Bought earlier on kijiji, works perfect.


Works well for the price.


I am not convinced that it s the best gamer keyboard. It s like some order are not given.


Basic gaming mouse, works well for mobas and casual tasks.


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Great build man. Congrats.

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Hi, i was wondering if 1080p at 27inches is really that bad , also does the 1660ti work well with it.

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